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The Spicy Chicken Footlong

We decided to try the all new McD's Spicy Footlong!

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McDonald's is pretty much a household name at this point. Whether it be kids who refuse to eat their veggies or adults looking for a quick and easy fix for their meals, McD's needs no sort of introduction from us.

And the thing with McDonald's is that once every couple of months or such, they come up with something utterly new to their menu. Causing quite a stir amongst their loyal customer base, the Spicy Chicken Footlong came into the food scene in Colombo as the first-ever real sub in McD's, which is why practically everyone had to try it.

But, getting to it, we went to get the Spicy Chicken Footlong with much hopes at heart. I mean, who wouldn't? In our heads, we imagined a much larger version of the Chicken McSpicy. Unfortunately, the reality was far from expectation with this one. 

The Bun

Priced at Rs. 550, there's a whole load of bread involved so even if you don't feel "full", you're bound to feel bloated at least. And even then, with spicy batter-fried chicken that somehow felt like what some exotic chilli chicken would feel like at a restaurant serving Sri Lankan Chinese food turning up at ¾ of the sandwich, we found it to be nothing more than all right. 

Slightly disappointing too; it's a lot better than some of the other stuff we've gotten in the past for the same price.

That being said though, it wasn't just batter-fried chicken on toasted bread. The bun also came with a layer of lettuce, mayo and onion hidden inside it. While it makes a difference, it still doesn't make it particularly good. What it really does is adds a bit of crunch, tang and acidity to it, whilst packing a bit of a creamy punch, which we liked. 

Is it really worth it? 

If by "is it really worth it?" you mean the whole hype about it, we're going to say no. But, if you mean it in terms of pricing, we're going to shake our heads a bit and give it a rather questionable yes.

You see, getting food at McD's can be expensive (for the ordinary human), and unless you get a proper meal, you're never bound to feel full. So, now, since this is around you don't have to go with fries and nuggets or another burger, per say. As for us, we're going to stick to the usual McSpicy for now. 

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