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The Walk Down The Art Street Of The City

The art street in Sri Lanka.

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*This post is brought to you by Gandhara Street.


Did you know, that there's an Art Street in Colombo?


A little over 10 years, Gandhara was a simple retail store, specialised in high-end home decor. Housing a timeless collection ranging from antiques, modern homeware and living room furniture to lighting, it's more of an emporium than a shop, which has been helping out many different vendors and brands to bloom and flourish right next to them down Stratford Avenue. As of today, there are over 30 different vendors, spread throughout almost every nook and cranny of this street, which makes it vibrant, and exciting as the first "Art Street" in Sri Lanka. 

A neat, shaded and slight windy road with glimmers of sunlight scattered on the ground, Stafford Avenue, AKA Gandhara Street, allows you to catch a glimpse of the fashion, lifestyle, dining and art. Many unique and creative talents can be recognised here, designed and presented to you by Sri Lankans who are truly passionate about what they do. It's more of a street mall really, beautifully embedded into the lush greenery along with a dash of hubbub that is city life.

Among the carefully curated ensemble of brands that lie on Gandhara Street, you'll spot some of the finest fashion labels such as BullfinchMidnightdivasRedpierrotStonehenge Gems & JewelleryThe Design Collective, offering up some gorgeous, eccentric collections of hand-painted silks, elegant batiks, exquisite lingerie, handmade jewellery and other accessories, which portray some of the top talents in the industry - Shahili Gomes-McCoy, Binu Wickramasinghe and Duleekha Ratnayake etc.

The lineup of stores dedicated to art and lifestyle down Gandhara Street is quite impressive. AvikansDhanakModigiliyaniVintage Home Gallery, Cozy SacColombo Art GalleryStudio at Stratford's and obviously, Gandhara, will definitely add a distinct, sophisticated character to your home interior, with the touch of stylish furniture, handcrafted lighting fixtures, valuable artefacts, delicate knick-knacks, exotic arts, plush rugs, and cosy bean bags. 

This street also homes a bunch of creative and production spaces, such as Malaka MP Photography and Studio FX.

Accommodating a number of wellness boutiques, Gandhara Street has got your fitness needs and well being covered. It's all about soothing your body and mind, through the vast array of products and services provided by Noeline'sMontlushThe Health EquationFitness IslandHouse of SirisSpa Ceylon and Techno Vision. From spiritual aid and Ayurvedic relaxation methods to high-quality gym groceries and trendy spectacle and shade frames, what they have under their wing in the wellness department is truly enticing.

Last but not least, Gandhara is a must-check out for their collection of cafes, which represents a good portion of the trending coffee culture in the city, combined with the incredibly delicious treats. Café Mocha by BaristaD Pavilion InnIndulge Desserts Co.Kattoo Mittoo Achcharu HutKopi KadéSantai ColomboThe Fat Duck ColomboBurger HangoverMargherita's PizzeriaMonkeybean CaféOh My Cake!Pages & Coffee and The Cauldron are the main members of this throng. If you need an immediate pick me up at any time of the day, with something sweet or savoury on the side, you have come to the right place.

For more updates and details about Gandhara Street, make sure you visit their website, and follow them on social media - Facebook and Instagram.

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