There's A "Yodha Pizza" In Negombo!

The biggest pizza in the country!

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*This is a guest post by Tuk Tuk Wine & Dine.

With an ambience to look out for, TUK TUK Wine & Dine is a mixed cuisine restaurant on the famous beachside in Negombo. A local favourite & a tourist hotspot the restaurant aligns with its own Hostel & it’s sister-property, Seahorse Villas.

The restaurant specialises in a wide range of mixed and fusion cuisine that covers Sri Lankan, Chinese, Western, Mexican and Italian roots. The ambience at the restaurant is a major talking point of any guest and is quickly making its name in the locality. 

Celebrating Pizza day on February 09th, TUK TUK Wine & Dine made special plans for its customers by creating a special 40-inch "Yodha" Pizza, the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. The pizza was specially curated to cover all meat, seafood and veg lovers.

The Pizza day celebrations were coupled with an All You Can Eat special promo and a special commercial version of the Yodha Pizza, (20-inch customisable Pizza) that was also introduced into the Pizza menu with a special 50% offer for dine-in takeaway orders for the day.

Italian Cuisine has a special place in the local regulars and the restaurant made plans to expand its regular Pizza and Italian Range with the introduction of the 20-inch Yodha Pizza and the All you Can Eat special promo turned out to be a hit with many turning up under strict Health measures and up to 50% capacity of the restaurant. 

The Restaurant promotes live music during all weekends with sort after Bands in the arena and local talent in the community. A great place for a weekend getaway with good food, good music and a great cosy stay!