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Top Picks For Seafood In CMB

Seafood FTW!

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See, food like seafood is one of those things that makes living in Sri Lanka much more interesting. Being an island surrounded by the Indian ocean has blessed us with a large fishing ground, therefore, seafood plays a massive role in our culinary fare. 

Let's dive into a selection of seafood and the experiences that we think is worth your time and hard earned money.

Ministry of Crab

Ministry of Crab - and with authority that is, they are well known for a damn good reason, and that's not just in Sri Lanka. They pride themselves in presenting fresh, export quality crabs albeit at a price but in our opinion it is worth it. They even opened up in Manilla and India a few months back sporting the same well-known celebrity names. In the mood to crack open a crab? Put on the bib and hammer away at the shell and the wallet.

Fat Crab

At Fat Crab, they say it’s “No fuss – Make a Mess”, and what a delicious mess it was. Coming in at a tad wallet-friendly cost but no real downsides in the taste and quality you can certainly get your protein on here. Highly recommended spots if you're craving for crab

Isso & Isso Express

The crustaceans on this plate might be on the smaller side but the name, the taste and our opinion of them are certainly big. Don’t get me wrong though, they too serve up sizeable contenders from their crustacean delights. Well known for their albeit whimsical name here is a good place for your prawn isso cravings.

Cajun On Wheels

Cajun On Wheels is a Singaporean chain that serves seafood. From deep-fried hunks of snapper to torpedo prawns, their offerings here are quite good. Plus, they've got platter options which are ideal for sharing, if you are dining as a group.

Manhattan Fish Market

Hailing from history and from “the city”, Manhattan, this franchise gets all seafood things right. While a bit exotic side on the pricing, we in no way disagree that they serve up some good delicious offering for the damage they do to the wallet. 

The Lagoon

At the heart of Colombo, The Lagoon - Cinnamon Grand’s seafood offering captures fine dining of seafood. With appropriate prices to go along with the grand experience that they are well-known for, we suggest this for your special occasions.

Seafood Cove

Mt. Lavinia Hotel is no slouch when it comes to food or views. Being right on the cusp of the sea, Seafood Cove delivers a good selection of seafood offering that can satisfy any demanding craving. 

Off The Hook

This is another good contender in the seafood category, brought to you by the ever so popular Bavarian.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper's seafood spread is good, but not worth the quantities or the money you're shelling out. However, they've got a bunch of authentic Lankan seafood dishes - like Jaffna Crab Curry, Negombo Isso Curry, and Tangalle Thora Maalu Olu Curry. 

Notable Mentions

Not essentially seafood-centric, but if you are in the mood to put some Japanese or Chinese spin on your seafood needs, here are a bunch of spots that you can go for. 


Akihabara is the newest contender in the Japanese fare in CMB. They have some good sushi offerings that you can go for - without breaking your bank. 


Speaking of Japanese spin on seafood, Nihonbashi is one of the most popular options. Given you are into the mood for a fine dining experience on Japanese seafood and prepared to spend to match, this is your spot. 

Tsukiji Uoichi

Tsukiji Uoichi offers one of the most extensive Japanese menus in Colombo with pretty much any classic Japanese dish you can think of, along with some of their own signature sushi dishes, crafted with fresh seafood. Prices are at the high-end, but you get your money's worth. 

Cafe Japan

Yet another place in Colombo that you can give in to the urge of well-crafted sushi, if that's your idea of getting your seafood on. 


If by seafood you mean HBC, Barracuda is a safe bet. Also, it's a place to get your drinks on and to enjoy the ocean breeze while trying the HBC. Well, we know how important that is.

The Station

Superb HBC, the breath of sea breeze and boozy cocktails - The Station has them all. 

Have we missed your favourite seafood joint in town? Please do let us know in the comments. 

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