16 Places To Get Your Cravings Satisfied In Kandy Through PickMe Food

Top restaurants that deliver through PickMe Food in Kandy.

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Surrounded by misty hills, carpets of lush greenery, colourfully hued houses, and the crown jewel of the city; the Temple of the Tooth Relic, there's nothing quite equal to the feeling of enjoying the panoramic view over the gorgeous Kandy lake. From a myriad of religious sites and colonial structures to scenic train rides, Kandy offers a unique experience, and there's one more thing that makes it even better; food.
Kandy's restaurant scene has been popping for a few years now. A whole bunch of cafes, street food joints and home bakers has bloomed all over this town, and luckily, you can try most of them no matter where you are in Kandy, all thanks to PickMe Food. 
And these are the top 16! Tap on PickMe app on your phone, swipe to PickMe Food and start ordering. A whole range of delicious treats awaits you! 

Burgers vs Shawarmas

Burgers vs Shawarmas is known for their spread of burgers and shawarmas, but they're not just limited to them. They have a range of pizza and string hopper kottu too, which you can grab under just Rs. 500.

Gemi Gedara

A possible relative of Gemi Gedara in Nugegoda, this spot is for rice & curry lovers. Whether it be chicken, pork, prawns, or cuttlefish, they serve all of them on top of a nelum kole. Aside from rice & curry, they also serve pittu, paratha and the likes to cover your snacking needs.


Madhavans is recommended for its spicy food. From rice & curry, dosa and kottu to biriyani, fried rice and noodles, they have a whole collection of Sri Lankan staples. If you just want a curry to your buth, or a simple short eat in between meals, Madhavans provides that too. 

Route 66

Route 66 crafts up good food that is not just delicious, but also presented well. They offer quite a variety too, so you've got a lot to choose from. Rice-based specialities, kottu, pasta, footlong subs, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, rolled ice cream, milkshakes infused with your favourite chocolates, juices, smoothies and mojitos; you name it, they have it! 

Red Chillies

If you're looking for some Chinese treats with a Lankan touch, Red Chillies is a good bet. You can either customise a meal on your own by coupling your favourite rice/noodles and curries or simply settle for a set menu. 


Throwing a little bona party at home? Order up some sizzling, devilled or hot butter-style bites from Lyon's. 

Hot & Cool

Hot & Cool whips up a range of rice-centred specialities (fried rice, biriyani), kottu, noodles, macaroni, shawarma, and submarines etc. All of them are priced under Rs. 400, so it's quite friendly on the wallet too. 

Bigger Bites

Bigger Bites highlights themselves for their BBQ, but it is an option if you want to grab a packet of rice, and other snacks like submarines and shawarmas.


Kiyaso has bits and bobs of Chinese and Indian fare on their menu, along with the option of going with something Western, like submarines, pasta, burgers and sandwiches.

Balaji Dosai

One of the most reliable picks to satisfy your saiwar needs. From the simplest parippu wadey to dosa, idli and chapati, everything they serve here resembles the flavours of South India.

Senani by Oak Ray

Feeling a bit fancier than usual? Senani by Oak Ray is a good option that you can go for. They have some interesting grills; pepper steaks, grilled fish and chicken, along with an array of special biriyani and Chinese-style dishes.

Polythene Hotel

A pilawoos-style joint in Kandy, Polythene Hotel isn't specialised in polythene, but rice & curry that many a foodie claims to love. 

Mahaweli Reach

The menu by Mahaweli Reach is curated to make sure that there's something for everyone. They have expensive options like fish & chips and garlic prawns, which are priced above Rs. 1500, but there are a whole bunch of choices (wraps, submarines etc.) that you can grab under Rs. 600. Pretty cool!

Regent Hotel

Regent Hotel is yet another spot on PickMe Food that serves up a wide variety of beloved Sri Lankan dishes; rice & curry, fried rice, dolphin kottu, paratha, and short eats; all under Rs. 500. 


Craving for something sweet? Check out the list of desserts and cakes by Creme. They are delightful! 

Kandy Muslim Hotel

Kandy Muslim Hotel does biriyani, kottu and the likes for a cheap price. The portions are quite hefty, so it's value for money too.