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Unique Home Cooks In Colombo

19 unique home cooks in Colombo.

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There was a time that Colombo was swarming with home bakers. It's not a bad thing, really - because cakes, brownies, cookies and other sweets are not things that we can get tired of, ever!
However, lately, we've noticed that there's a massive trend in home-based ventures in the city, which has been able to expand the generic view towards the domestic food business, and their potential. They make unique products and not your everyday stuff. This list is solely dedicated to them. 

Jah's Hummus

As the name implies, Jah's Hummus makes hummus, and some really good ones at that. But, instead of just sticking to the classic version of this Middle Eastern delicacy, they add a bunch of delicious, modern twists to it. Sun-dried Tomato, Beetroot, and Roast Garlic to name a few. With the silky smooth texture, but not too mushy, and delivering the promised flavours they check all the right boxes. 

How to order: You can simply DM them on their Instagram page, with 24-hour notice in advance. 

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is many things, but the best part about them is the beautiful doughnut bouquets they make. I mean, look how pretty this is! Slightly crispy to the bite, these deep-fried babies are puffy, soft and cooked with a dose of motherly love, and come with a range of interesting toppings and fillings. This is easily the best doughnuts you will find in Colombo, and these bouquets are a sweet gift, even it's from you, to yourself. 

How to order: DM them on their Instagram page, and they'll guide you through the ordering process, and then delivery. 

The Happy Baker

The Happy Baker will happily whip up some superb and compelling flavour combos for you. They have items like kiribathkadey paan, waffles, paratha and egg muffins, which most of them are stuffed/paired with some superb meaty delights made with pork, mutton, chicken and mackerel. 

How to order: Available on Uber Eats, and you can pre-order and pick it up from their home as well. 

Mad Curry Skills by Chari

Craving for Nasi Lemak or Lamprais on a weekend? Mad Curry Skills by Chari is a safe bet. Keep in mind that the minimum order requirement is 4 packs. 

How to order: Reach out to them through their Instagram. Make sure you do that early as possible as they tend to get booked so fast. 

Hari Bao

White, fluffy and adorable as hell, Hari Bao does cloud-like baos, stuffed with delicious mixtures of meats/veggies. Their Pulled Jackfruit is a must-try, and trust me you're not going to miss your meats in this one. 

How to order: Available on Uber Eats after 5.00 PM every day. 

The Chutney Kade

Whether it be making a sandwich, toning down a fiery curry, smothering some grilled meat, serving on the side of a cheese platter, or simply just eating with a plate of buth, chutneys are a fantastic pickled condiment. The Chutney Kade is all about that, and they make 9 varieties of them - Pineapple Chutney, Pineapple & Mango Chutney, Seeni Sambol, Maldive Fish Fry, Achcharu, Beef Fry, Garlic & Onion, Sprats Fry, and Kunisso Fry. 

How to order: You can grab a bottle (or two) of these goodies by DMing them on their Instagram page. They have islandwide delivery too. 

The Porky-Nator

If you like pork, try the Porky-Nator. This home cook selects the excellent quality pork, prepares it deliciously, and delivers. However, they do not come in podi portions. The minimum order is 1 kg, so you have plenty to share among.

How to order: Call or WhatsApp at 0777371730. Check out their Instagram to get an idea about the porky-goodies they sell. 

Just Baklava

Just Baklava does, well, baklava, and they're so darn good! These puffy cubes are drenched in honey but despite that, they give the most satisfactory crisp, followed by a generous layer of pistachio - and that's just the Turkish one. They do a bunch of other flavours too - Nutella, and Greek etc. 

How to order: DM on their Instagram page, simple as that. Delivery is only available during weekends, but you can always pick them up from their base in Kalubovila. 


Cinnabrown is completely dedicated to serving up a range of cinnamon rolls in various guises. Our favourite was the Sugar Glaze, that comes with a beautiful dusting of cinnamon powder and glazed with sugar. 

How to order: Facebook or Instagram - you can get in touch with them through these social media channels. Delivery is available and entitled to a fee. 

My Sister's Kitchen

My Sister's Kitchen does bulk orders of Jaffna style curries. Their menu includes mostly a range of meats - beef, pork, mutton, chicken, fish, prawns, and crab. If you've got a craving for very spicy aromatic Jaffna food and you've got a group to join you, this is a good choice to go with.  
How to order: Delivery and pick up available. Call at 0773 017 515 or connect via Facebook

Fit Meals

Started off as a humble home-based business, Fit Meals now has a restaurant too. However, their home cooks are still busy crafting up healthy dishes in the most delicious way. With a menu curated for every day of the week, you can easily get their help to stay fit while gobbling down some flavoursome food. 
How to order: WhatsApp on 077 714 1786, or DM on Facebook/Instagram

Luscious Cream

Last we checked, Colombo has around 13 independent ice cream parlours, but would we dare say no to another one of that kind? No, absolutely not!  

Luscious Cream is specialised in homemade ice cream with no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. These creamy, rich goodies are luscious as they promise, and they've got around 20 interesting flavours to prove it. We highly recommend the Kit Kat and Passion Fruit ones.
How to order: Hit them up on their Instagram, Facebook or simply call at 077 465 6592. They deliver. 

Che Che's

When Che Che's went MIA a couple of years ago, our hearts were broken. But thankfully, they are back now, doing what they do best - dumplings. They do both boiled and pan-fried dumplings and our favourite was the latter. Stuffed with three kinds of meat - chicken, beef and pork, as well as veg, these silky shells are beautifully thin, very smooth and goes down the throat without any effort. 

How to order: You can reach out to them via Facebook or call at 0773508492 to place your order. It's safer to do so one day in advance as the offerings are subject to availability. Delivery is entitled to a delivery fee, but they have the takeaway option as well.

Froyo Colombo

Froyo simply dedicates themselves for serving up homemade froyo, and they claim to make them without preservatives, artificial flavourings or sugar. Their flavours include a few fruit-based variants and basic flavours like chocolate, coffee and vanilla, and also sugar-free froyo. You can grab them as 125ml cups, 500ml and 1-litre tubs.

How to order: Call them up (077 486 5166) or drop them a message on Facebook. Delivery is available within city limits, but you can also pick them up from their base in Kollupitiya. 

King Cone Ice Cream ²

It's highly doubtful that you'd find a local brand that would beat the creamy, luscious and rich flavours of King Cone Ice Cream2. This home-based ice creamery uses the best quality, imported ingredients, and they are free of gelatine, egg, artificial flavours, artificial colours, and alcohol. This might look like an expensive option for ice cream but considering the flavours and textures they deliver, we'd say it's worth it. 

How to order: If you prefer King Cone Ice Cream2 in a massive tub form, you can simply give a call to 077 827 8855, or reach out to them through their Facebook page. The single servings can be found at Isso, and 24 Seven

Kaha Bath Gedara

Kaha Bath Gedara simply does the best kaha buth you'd come across in Colombo. These kaha buth packets are usually offered with parippu, batu moju, cutlet and some crispy papadum, along with a protein of your pick. We have always loved their Negombo Style Prawn Curry and the Ambul Thiyal and now they've added a few more meaty delights to their menu - tandoori chicken, and black pork curry etc. Their kitchen is in Battaramulla, and from what we gathered, now have a takeaway outlet in Colombo 7 too. 

How to order: Order through Uber Eats, or place your order via their Facebook page or call/text this number (077 786 2672). 

Frutti Natural

Yet another home-based venture that excels at creating some creamy ice cream boasting with rich flavours. No preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial colourings/flavours are added here, which is another plus point. Every tub comes with around 3 full scoops of ice cream, and priced around Rs. 500. We particularly enjoyed the Almond one that carried lots and lots of almond bits, and the Kulfi. 

How to order: All you need to do is call them up and place your order and if not, they're also available on Uber Eats. Go through their Facebook/Instagram page for the flavours they offer. 


Salads are tricky stuff, and honestly, it's not for everybody. It could be your last resort after gobbling down weeks of carb, but we assure you that the stuff done by Saladgram will change your idea on that. Their array of salads are customizable according to your preference and comes with different proteins like chicken, egg, tuna, and beef etc.

How to order: You can place your orders via their website or call at 076 670 0035. 

Choco in a Jar

For any sensible Sri Lankan, discovering a good CBP creates great happiness. And that's exactly what we felt when we came across Choco in a Jar's Facebook page. It's not just the classic kind they make - they put some delicious spins on them with peanut butter, and Baileys in the best way possible. 

How to order: Connect through their Facebook page, or simply give a call to 077 976 1796. Delivery available. 

Thus ends our long list of home cooks in Colombo. If we're missing anyone, let us know in the comments. 

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