When Will It Stop Being So Hot

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BBC Weather History For Sri Lanka BBC Weather History For Sri Lanka

April is the cruellest month, as T.S. Eliot said. He was obviously referring to Sri Lanka. April is when it starts to get really really hot in a place that's pretty hot to begin with. Looking at historical data, however, this isn't even the worst month (May is) and it only gets a little better around June. It doesn't really get better till October.

The BBC Weather graphic above shows maximum temperatures in gold and minimums in blue. So gold is the ceiling and blue is the floor. The blue bars show how much it rains. This generally matches with how Colombo feels. These months it feels like every day is a scorcher. That's because the average temperature is higher.

Come June, it's still pretty hot, but the highs aren't so bad, bringing the average down. For Colombo to really cool down you'll have to wait till October.


For now, however, the best bet is really to head for the hills. Or dig a hole and lie in it, as Mercutio the YAMU dog recommends.
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