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Where Them Piggies At - All Things Pork

Last week we did a salad round up for all the health buffs, this week is for those who love a good dish of pork…

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A few weeks ago, we did a healthy food round up for all the health buffs. This week is for those who love a good piggy. Here we have rounded up places where you can get a very unhealthy dose of your favourite piggies. 

Hebrews Cafe

Hebrews Cafe has a wonderful and succulent dish of pork chops. Served up with a delicious sauce,  a generous portion of mashed potatoes and a salad on the side. We don't have a picture of it, we hope the above will entice you still to visit them nevertheless.

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf delivers an array of piggies of all shapes and sizes. Wraps and burgers too and a wonderful portion of pork belly which we have gluttonously gorged on one too many times and enjoyed it too. 

Smokestacks By License To Grill

Slow cooked pork at Smokestacks By Licence To Grill. The meats here are smoked for hours before being seasoned.

Fat Guy BBQ

Fat Guy BBQ (FGB) does a range of pork products. He says he will be back by the 13th of March, so place your orders then. His range includes, pulled pork, roast pork, ham, bacon and ribs. FGB is an order in and takeaway joint and he sometimes makes an appearance at the quiz at Barefoot with his goodies. All fresh and home smoked meat. He will have Easter fare too - that's in April btw.

The Bavarian

The crispy pork knuckle and the pork belly is synonymous with The Bavarian. Our ex-colleague Bhagya has sung many praise over Bavarian's pork fare. And it does look quite the dish.

M'eat US

M'eat US dishes out a great collection of western barbecue, and that includes some juicy pork chops, pork racks, and pork sticks. 

TGI Friday's

Abeit on the pricey end, the Jack Daniels at TGI Friday's is a solid dish. Some people go here just for this, though they do have other preparations.


The Dutch Burgher Union is not only famous for its lamprais. It is also famous for its pork curry which comes with yellow ghee rice. If you haven't tried it, you must because it is good but unfortunately, we don't have an image for this too.

Kang's Kitchen

If you like your pork floating about in a tomato-ey flavours, you need to visit Kang's Kitchen. It comes with lotsa little slices of pork along with iceberg lettuce, and giant pieces of tofu. Their BBQ Pork Shoulder is brilliant too. 

Well, that's our roundup for now. If you know of any other, just let us know in the comments section.

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