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Where To Eat This Weekend (12th of July, 2019)

5 new places to get your cravings satisfied.

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Ayy, the weekend is here and aren't we thankful for that! With a public holiday falling on Tuesday, it's a chance to grab a 4-day vacation, given that you can take next Monday off. 
But, for those of you who are stuck in Colombo for yet another ordinary weekend, here we have a bunch of restaurants to make it a bit more interesting. 

Coffee & Bread On 27th

With an impressive array of coffee, and cakes to go with them, Coffee & Bread On 27th is a welcome addition to the cafe scene in Colombo. If you're an avid coffee drinker or a person who'd love to learn about or build a taste towards coffee, this one is a superb spot for that. They have 9 entries on their espresso list alone, while the rest is comprised of milk-based and cold-coffee. 

Dottie's Bakery (Good Market)

After taking a break, Dottie's is back. It doesn't necessarily have the whole room or tea aspect like they did with Dottie's English Tea Room, but you have the option of diving into their delicious goodies. They've been stocking a showcase in Good Market's Milk & Honey Cafe for a while now, and also making appearances at Saturday Good Market. Drop in and grab some of their cakes, brownies and scones, and then all you need is a fancy set of China and a flask of tea for your tea party. 

Urban Eatery (Street Rush)

If you've been passing Mount Lavinia, you must have noticed this new food court style establishment called Street Rush. It's a collection of food vendors, and Urban Eatery is one of them. Making everything homemade as possible is the motive of Urban Eatery, and through that, they were able to dish out one of the best meals we've had in a while. If you find yourself here this weekend, make sure you try their Fish & Chips and the Creamy Chicken Pasta. Trust me, you're not going to regret it. 

Nelum Flower

Lazy to cook, but also need a plate of buth? Try Nelum Flower in Dehiwala. Their spread is one of the biggest we've seen - comprised of a bunch of protein options varying from chicken (cooked in at least 3 ways), fish, prawns and even crab! The portions are quite hefty too. 

New York Grill and Cuisine

The suburban streets of Colombo have been getting packed with new restaurants, and the New York Grill and Cuisine is one of them. Leaning towards the greasy, meaty stuff, their menu takes inspiration from the food scene in the Big Apple. From what we gathered, the owner of this place has lived there for quite some time, which explains how he manages to successfully recreate these dishes.

That's a wrap from us. Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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