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Where To Eat This Weekend (13th of March, 2020)

5 places to dine this weekend.

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If you're looking to make plans, here are 5 things you can get up to this weekend. 

Life's Good Kitchen

Life's Good Kitchen is a testament to how life gets good when there's good food. They know the art of pulling off healthy dishes in a delicious way, and we could taste it in everything we had here; the Crudité, Granola Power Bowl and the Chicken Burger which features their homemade sesame kurakkan bun. 

Brew Lounge (Zylan Luxury Villa)

Perched down Rosmead Place, the gorgeous Zylan Luxury Villa recently welcomed their new cafe; the Brew Lounge. From the presentation to flavours, every aspect of their dishes was on point.

We quite enjoyed the Signature Black Mumbo Burger, which is essentially their take on a charcoal chicken burger, and it goes down really well with the Beetroot Fantasy; a drink made with beetroot, yoghurt, fresh milk and honey. They've got a super interesting breakfast menu too, which we're planning to check out very soon. 

Robata Grill & Lounge (Mövenpick Hotel Colombo)

Known for their respectable efforts on contemporary Japanese cuisine, Robata Grill & Lounge at Mövenpick Hotel Colombo is the place to be if you're feeling a bit fancy this weekend. If Japanese food ain't your thing, check them out for the Mövenpick Colombo Coffee Cuisine Promo which is happening until the end of this March. This is an opportunity to bask in the glory of coffee in any form you like; desserts, drinks and food.


September does some of the best brownies we've had in a while. Veering off from the classic and usual nutty varieties, they put some brilliant twists on brownies; like fruity and booze-infused ones. Perfectly fudgy, gooey, decadent and squishy moist, these brownies are loaded with dark chocolate flavour and have a light, thin crust.

IL Ceilo

Good Italian treats with a view; IL Cielo is all about that, and they're surprisingly easy on the wallet. They operate under new management now, and our recent experience here was much better than the last. We highly recommend the Fettuccine Alfredo, which you can pair up with Paradise; a refreshing cocktail.

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