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Where To Eat This Weekend (21st Of June)

Pick of the week on where to eat

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It's the weekend again as weekends come and one that looks as gloomy as the last. If you are wondering what to do, we suggest you pick a few places to eat from. This list here serves as our pick of the week of some of the places we have happily eaten at and enjoyed it too.

The Brown Bean Coffee (Dharmapala Mw.)

From finger food to cupcakes, to sandwiches, wraps and soups, the menu at newly opened Brown Bean Coffee is right for a quick bite on the go and even leisurely dining in. We started with a bowl of soup, followed closely by a lovely beef sandwich.  While there's room for improvement over their soup, we recommend the place for their coffees, which is probably where their strength is. Having said that, go for their Caramel Latte. 


Here's a little interesting spot down at Mt. Lavinia. FryDay is everything to do with fries and toppings. We went to check it out just the other day and their portions are pretty large. If you like fries - and who doesn't, at FryDay from your varied hotdog to burger has fries in them and you can also get your fries with different toppings. We totally recommend this for a new experience - plus you must love fries (again, who doesn't?).

KBQ Korean Barbecue

Korean Barbecue strolled into the restaurant/ fast food scene in Colombo as the new, less oily, more affordable take on KFC.  We recommend you try their Budae Jigae.  Spicy, packed with a whole list of items including tomato, sausages, seafood, kimchi and tofu, it will tantalize.

Waffle Queen

Waffle Queen is an order in, home-based venture, serving up some off the waffle iron fresh, delicious waffles. Their menu has a couple of savoury, and sweet waffles as well as waffle iron grilled sandwiches. Here you will find a variety of fillings for your waffle, pol sambol being one of them and kithul pani being another. The perfect comfort food to order in on a gloomy weekend. We recommend getting one of each. Let us know how you enjoyed them.


You would be glad to hear Isso is serving breakfast now and also an interesting combo of cheese hoppers. Priced at Rs. 590, the Sri Lankan Breakfast comes with an Egg Hopper, and two Signature Hoppers (Karapincha, Cheese and Beetroot) of your choice, accompanied by three condiments - seeni sambol, pol sambol and kiri hodi. You have the choice of opting for an add-on if you like - Fish curry or Prawn curry. Make sure you pair these with their superb Milo Dino. 

Round Island

Round Island does everything Modha. If you're in the mood for some excellent Fish & Chips, this is your spot. Their dishes are made with the freshest produce that they harvest from their own fish plantations in Trincomalee.

And that's a wrap from us. We hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

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