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Where To Eat This Weekend (23rd Of August 2019)

Five places to drop by during this weekend and enjoy.

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It’s been a bit gloomy as of late, with rain and then the news of wildfires in Ella and the Amazon. But as it won't help to be doom and gloom, we’ve got a few spots you can check out during this weekend, reflect on the state of affairs while making good plans for the future. 

Rocco’s (Colombo 7)

Rocco’s made one of the first thin-crust pizzas in Colombo and now they’ve opened up a new spot down the Gregory Road, so you won't have to go all the way to Nawala. One can easily fall in love with the chilled out ambience, Italian background music and the helpful service. 

They have a huge menu for you to choose from or you can just grab the Diavolo or Meat Fest, both of which are exquisitely made and packed with flavour. 

Cafe Hideout 

Cafe Hideout is in the same spot as the old Hansa Coffee on Fife Road. With a simple approach to the whole ambience and vibe, Hideout brews a good cuppa using the same Hansa Coffee. 

People who are working on their laptops or just reading a book is a common sight here and they do all-day breakfast too, so you can keep your tank full. Check out their amazing Roast Chicken Burger which is filled with juicy, smokey chickeny goodness. Pair that with their quirky Espresso Coke for a caffeinated tall glass of coke or you can stick to the classics like their excellent Cappuccino.

Chef Tyro Fusion Restaurant with Sky View

Japanese food is always an amazing idea for the weekend and we have a decent lineup of restaurants that offers them. Chef Tyro Fusion Restaurant is the newest addition to the roster with an amazing sky view of the area and they pull off the tricky job of adding the Sri Lankan twist to the Japanese fare as well.

Their Shoyu Ramen is a warm bowl of happiness and their Gyu Gon is a filling pot of beef marinated in a special sauce that oozes with flavour.

The service is good and you can enjoy your Nihon fare here, without making your wallet cry.

Isle Of Gelato (Food Studio)

The Isle Of Gelato is a good place to grab a frozen dessert when you are in Galle and they have finally nestled their new branch in the Colombo in Food Studio.

They have crafted up over 70 flavours with much passion and offer sorbet as well as gelato. Their Almond Mochaccino is a flavour symphony between coffee, chocolate, almond and caramel while the Holy Grail was irresistible with the chocolate, peanut and salted caramel flavour mix. If you are not sure about the flavours, the staff is friendly and ready to assist you in your frozen dessert cravings.

Cafe Island

Cafe Island is a tiny spot that is tucked away in Kandygs Handlooms in Thimbirigasyaya that does a good cup of coffee. Their cuppas are made from a brand name Riverston and they freshly grind the beans at the shop itself.

They make a good sandwich such as their Karapincha Prawns Sandwiches that packs a good dose of Sri Lankan flavour from the chewy prawns filling that is stuffed between the panini bread. They do a rather bold take when it comes to the cappuccino making it lean towards the dry side, but it is one of the best we’ve had to so far. 

The atmosphere is pretty chilled out and you can enjoy a good chat over a coffee in peace here.

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