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Where To Eat This Weekend (24th January, 2020)

On what note will you be ending the first month of 2020?

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The first month of 2020 wasn't very promising; Australia was on fire, the entire world was abuzz with talk of World War 3, and it might all have been a little difficult to take in. However, this does not mean you have to end this month on a dull, sombre note. 

We at Yamu were able to visit a few exciting places this week, and here are our top picks!


Thoma probably has some of the best iced milo ever! Quality food, a great quantity of food, and all that for a very affordable price, Thoma is also open until 12 in the night, so the next time you and the boys want to go out for a hearty meal late at night and to somewhere that doesn't need you to drain your wallets, you know where to go. Each of their dishes is exquisite and the portions, massive. 

Sri Rudra Vegetarian Restaurant

Dotting the busy coast of Main Street and bordering the likes of Sea Street lies our newest adventure into the vegetarian scene in Colombo, the Sri Rudra. Sri Rudra Vegetarian Restaurant is a pretty popular option in the area when one goes looking for clean, vegetarian cuisine. An arsenal of Indian food available on the menu, paired with the spotless ambience and the cheap prices, we'd totally recommend. 

Biriyani Bite

Biriyani for just Rs. 500; enough said. If you do need more convincing, just know that the portions are fricking massive and the biriyani is brilliantly done. You also have String Hopper Biriyani, and arguably, one of the best we've had! 

Coco Bean Cafe

Coco Bean Cafe has a very pleasant atmosphere, a cosy one, emanating warmth. They have an array of exciting food options including some top-notch waffles and subs (which, on the day we went, tasted slightly musty, but otherwise should be okay), paired up with some of the best drinks. 

Star Indian Restaurant

When Vishvi said Star Indian Restaurant, we didn’t think too much of it. It’s just another Indian Restaurant in Aluthkade. And it is just that, but with a few tweaks to make us love it of course. Having an arsenal of great kottu and relishing naans and a whole lot more, drop by if you're in the vicinity. 

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