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Where To Eat This Weekend (27th of September 2019)

6 new places to check out this weekend.

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Clouds haven't been very sunny these days, but do you really going to let it stop you from stepping out for a lovely meal this weekend? 
Hold on to your umbrellas folks, we've got six wonderful choices to make this weekend a delicious one. 

Cafe Raw

Kick-off this weekend in a healthy manner with Cafe Raw. RAW has been crafting up 100% organic, cold-pressed, locally sourced and ayurvedic approved juices for a few years now, and recently they opened a cafe of their own too. It's a part of the Groove House Hostel and does some of the delicious, yet healthiest dishes we've encountered.

You can customise a rice/quinoa bowl as you like while you're here, and get a taste of their amazing homemade ginger beer. We highly recommend their coffee too. The open, relaxing and cosy dining space, paired with the excellent service is one of the many reasons why they get full points from us. 

Persian Cove

Bringing a taste of Persia to Sri Lanka, Persian Cove is a home-based venture that does superb Maqlooba from a recipe that has been in their family for almost 40 years. For those of you who don't know what Maqlooba is, it literally translates into "upside down", which essentially what it is. Encrusted with a pile of perfectly cooked chicken sitting on top of well-seasoned biriyani rice that holds its tower-like shape still, it's a sight to behold, and a treat to devour. 

One Maqlooba is enough for 10 grown adults, so if you're throwing a party at home, this is your best bet. Pre-ordering is required, and you can get it delivered to your doorstep if you're in Colombo. If a single serving is what you're looking for, they are available at Tribe Cafe during weekends, and you need to call ahead and reserve them in advance. 

Tea Avenue (Pita Kotte)

Tea Avenue is one of the most reliable coffee franchises in Sri Lanka, and now they're in Pita Kotte too. We recently had a late lunch here, and we quite enjoyed it. Their Cafe Mocha is still brilliant, as well as the Creamy Prawn Pasta. 

The Chaat Co

Chaat is one of India's beloved street food types, and we've got another place that you go for that. The Chaat Co's Sev Puri is amazeballs, and the Dahi Paapdi Chaat is even better. With a few blue and white tables and chairs and a side dedicated to the kitchen where you can see them preparing the food, the ambience here is nothing much but we're not complaining. 

Cafe Albero

Malabe's restaurant scene has been popping, and this is the newest member of it. Cafe Albero is specialised in Italian and Sri Lankan fare, and they do a very good job at it. We particularly enjoyed their Negombo Crab Curry with Roast Paan and Pol Sambol, as well as the Carbonara. Plus, it's one of the prettiest interiors we've spotted in a cafe in this area. 

Café at One (Platinum One Suites)

Café at One by Platinum One Suites is one of our favourite picks for lunching and snacking needs if you're around Kollupitiya. A plate of rice & curry here is what Sri Lankan culinary fare is all about - spices, flavours and more flavours. It's only Rs. 250, and you get a protein of your choice (chicken/egg/fish) and five curries, which is a pretty solid deal. They've also got cakes, short eats and breakfast specials during weekdays.

That's all for this week, see you next week! 

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