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Where to Eat This Weekend (29th November)

Here's our list of places where you should probably eat at this weekend.

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Aye! The weekend is finally upon us and the time for waking up at noon without having to worry about if you'll get the 'Miss Tardy' prize at the office Christmas party is also here!  

And the time for us to choose our favourite restaurants of the week is also upon us. So, without much further ado, YAMU presents this weeks edition of Where to Eat This Weekend! 


Street Burger (Street Rush)

We all know Street Burger. Starting things up as a food truck, Street Burger somehow managed to establish themselves as one of Colombo's favourite spots to get a solid burger without having to sell a kidney. Recently, they opened up shop inside Street Rush in Mount Lavinia. And while their Radiator was fantastic, the Nitrous at the Colpetty branch was a heap better than what we got there. 

Mong Kok Chinese (One Galle Face)

Colombo has a bevvy of Chinese restaurants. And one of the newest names to join this fantastic throng is none other than Mong Kok Chinese at One Galle Face. With beautifully plump, silky prawn dumplings, fried tentacles that were actually tofu and fried rice that's just perfection as a whole, we really liked our experience here. 

Seed Cafe

Taking the same space Cafe Kumbuk used to occupy, Seed Cafe is quite new to the coffee scene in Colombo.

With the perfect ambience to fit your ideal brunch date and a menu that has a bunch of stellar options that won't bleed your wallet dry, we love, loved our experience here. We suggest getting the Chocolate Hazelnut bowl or even the Pineapple Refresher if you're looking for something a little stronger. 

Crystal Jade Sri Lanka (One Galle Face)

Our second dumpling spot of the week, Crystal Jade Sri Lanka also happens to call One Galle Face home. Not only does it belong to a Michelin starred franchise, but they also have a Century-old egg up for grabs with every congee you buy. With a fantastic set of dishes and prices to match; we say join the Instagram bandwagon fam, go for it.  

Ban Thai Seafood Restaurant

Probably one of the more dodge ones on our list, Ban Thai Seafood restaurant comes with a spa in hand. That being said, with some of the nicest staff we've ever come across and some killer Thai food, Ban Thai will always remain in our hearts as that one place that was one of the most underdog restaurants we've come across which, in like most movies, got the happy ending it deserved. 

PS: Get the Seafood Tom Yum Soup, I can vouch for it. 

Grill House

Hidden in plain sight, Grill House may be in the heart of the Malabe, but for many of you, it is a bit on the dotay side of things. However, with a squeaky clean ambience, lots and lots of meat and plenty of mashed potato to accompany it, Grill House managed to wow us in the best way. Plus, it isn't all that expensive when you think about it. 

That's all we have for now. But we'll be back next week with a list of others. So, till then adieu!

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