Where To Eat This Weekend (2nd of April, 2021)

5 places to try this weekend.

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If the weekend has no plans for you, let's make some on your own by checking out these new places in town.

Gio's Al Fresco

The little sister of Giovanni's, Gio's Al Fresco lies at the all-new Dining Capsule down Baladaksha Mawatha. In here, they whip up pizza from an electrical oven, as opposed to the wood-fired oven they usually use. And yet, they do a killer job at it! The toppings are delicious as always, and they also make some good calzones here. 

Glo Shop & Cafe

Emphasised on healthy, toxin-free living, Glo Shop & Cafe in Battaramulla is also known as the first gourmet dine-in marketplace in Colombo. From fresh produce, poultry, seafood, dairy to frozen meats, groceries, snacks, and wellness products it helps over 70 entrepreneurs and small businesses to showcase their products. The cafe itself offers up some light snacks, including this great Pol Roti, Egg, Katta Sambal combo.

Gi-Gi Flavours

Gi-Gi Flavours highlights themselves for the flavourful, local-style Chinese fare that they serve for unbelievably affordable prices. We thoroughly enjoyed their Devilled Chicken and the Seafood Nasi goreng. The latter was packed with a ton of seafood, including prawns, cuttlefish and whitefish. 

Elite Family Restaurant (Pelawatte)

One of the long-standing establishments for Indian fare, the Elite Indian Restaurant recently opened their newest branch in Pelawatte. Their biriyanis aren't the best, but you absolutely must try out the rotis and curries. They're hella cheap too.

Nozomi Japanese Restaurant

Nozomi has an impressive selection of contemporary Japanese cuisine, and their execution is spot on. We highly recommend the Crispy Salmon Maki and the Signature Bento, which you can pair up with a glass of hot/cold Sake. However, the prices here can reach alarming heights based on what you order, so you might want to keep track of that.