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Where To Eat This Weekend (2nd of August, 2019)

6 places to eat this weekend.

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Is time speeding up, or is it just me? Not so long ago we celebrated the dawn of 2019, then came the kokis, kavum season, and look! We're already at the end of the second quarter of this year. Time seems to fly so fast which is why it's important t0 seize its moments as much as you can and enjoy it to the fullest.
So here we are on the first weekend of August, and have you got any plans? If you don't, have a look at our suggestions on how to make this weekend a delicious one. 

Baguette French Bakery & Café (Mount Lavinia)

Solely focused on serving up handmade, freshly baked loaves and other delights, Baguette brings a taste of France to Colombo. Now they've added a bunch of new goodies to their menu - from salads and sandwiches and paninis and crepes, alongside a few breakfast options and other baked delights. Their homemade jams are excellent to pair with the freshly baked bread, bagels and croissants. And kudos to that superb Belgium hot chocolate! 

Baker's Choice

Here's another bready option for you this weekend - the Baker's Choice. If you've ever been to Good Market, this name should not sound strange to you. But this is not about that, but their very own cafe down Kynsey Road. From what we gathered, they do over 80 varieties of bread, as well as a range of other baked goods like pastries, muffins and tarts. You can enjoy all that with a cup of Jasmine Scented Black Tea, or perhaps a Cappucino. 

Fudgy Friday's

While saying goodbye to one of our sweetest colleagues, we seized the chance to bask in the chocolate glory of Fudgy Friday's Double Chocolate Tart. This is a home baker based in Nugegoda, and she does the prettiest and the richest tarts in the Western province! From the base to the top layer, everything was pure chocolate bliss and we're in love with it. 

David's Dangerously Delicious Char Sui

As the name implies, the Char Sui, or the Chinese BBQ that David whips up is dangerously delicious. They don't have dine-in, only takeaway and delivery (via Uber Eats) which is ideal if you do not feel like stepping out of the house this weekend. Barbecued Pork and Chicken is what they do, and they do it absolutely well. If we had to pick a favourite, we highly suggest getting the pork one. Fatty and lean in good proportion, while the skin is perfectly caramelised, and not even slightly burnt or bitter - the pork was simply a sweet, savoury and umami treat. 

Pilawoos Premium Restaurant

This is the fancy counterpart of the good old Pilawoos in Kollupitiya. Operating from the premises of Almond Exclusive, it doesn't have a dining space but you can order them through PickMe Food or use the takeaway option. Aside from the normal kottu, they've got a fancy rice range, which includes stuff like Healthy Garlic Booster Rice, Mix Seafood Fried Rice and Singapore Fried Rice. 

Kattoo Mittoo Achcharu Hut

Ah, achcharu! The tangy, fruity, spicy goodness that one cannot simply say no to. If you do not have an achcharu cart nearby your home, worry not - because Kattoo Mittoo Achcharu has got you covered.

They don't just stick to the usual veralu, ambarella, amba, diwul range. You'll spot a bunch of uncommon, and seasonal achcharu varieties on their menu - such as Maadang, Waraka and Rambutan. All of these are available for delivery on Uber Eats, and most of them are priced at Rs. 200 a cup. The freshness of their achcharu is guaranteed, as they make it fresh every day. Also, they steer clear of vinegar and other preservatives, which is another plus point. 

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