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Where To Eat This Weekend (30th Of August 2019)

6 spots that you can check out during this weekend.

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What up folks! End of the August is here and we have another list of places that you can drop by this weekend. 

Mama Louie's

Mama Louie's is the new occupant at Sooriya Village. They do thin-crust pizza in wood-fired ovens and you'll have a plethora of toppings to draw your pizza with as well as an interesting range of mocktails. 

The spot is surrounded by greenery, with refreshing, open, airy ambience and the staff were quite accommodating adding to a stress-free experience.

Grab a slice of their Aussie Spicy Lamb that is packed with meaty, spicy goodness or Cinque Formaggi which incorporates five types of mouthwatering cheeses. 

Kobe (Water's Edge)

Kobe is Water's Edge's Japanese restaurant that comes with a breathtaking ambience, clean interior and comfy chairs alongside dimmed out lights to fit the mood. It's a wee bit expensive option for Nihon fare but the spread here is quite impressive. 

Their Chicken Katsu Don was a fabulous bowl of flavour and Tekka Maki with its eight well-made sushi rolls are worth every rupee as we feel.

The Donut Delight

This is a long-time home baker that resurfaced with delicious hole-some sweetness. They make quality, doughnuts with a variety of toppings for you to satisfy your sugar itch. 

You can grab a simple yet very effectively delightful Sugar Coated Doughnut or treat yourself to eye-candy as well as flavour with KitKat Doughnut.  

Curry Pot Family Restaurant

We are familiar with the Curry Pot and their Colpetty and Bambalapitiya branches, and their newest branch is the one down Milagiriya Avenue. This giant building has plenty of space to enjoy your meal in peace an abundance of cushioned chairs to cosy up in their dining area upstairs especially if you are with a group.

The new spot has a new menu alongside their staple rice and curry incorporating, noodles, sandwiches and finger foods to the roster. They have one side of the resto dedicated to rice and curry in buffet style, where you can get five curries including a protein. 

BreakOut Lounge

BreakOut Lounge feels like a materialization of a walawwa from a storybook made to fit the modern time with a beautiful garden area.

They are still on their soft launch, so you have to make a reservation to get in. But it was worth it to get a taste of their huge spread of delicious, well-executed curries alongside red and white rice. They've put a spin on the spices that will appease the Sri Lankan palate well and they are quite a deal when it comes to price. The spread above was only Rs. 800, and comes with two more curries and a plate of papadum and dried chillies. 

Classic Sports Pub

A long-time pub in Wellawatta that is located on top of Curry Leaves Restaurant. They've done a bit of a relaunch and are a good option to enjoy get your booze on while watching something sporty. 

Their cocktails are decent, and the bites don't disappoint either. 

Delivery Options

Round Island

Ocenpick's venture, Round Island is built around the rich economy of seafood that is in Sri Lanka. They are focused on getting fresh produce and whipping up delectable goodies from them, such as their affordable take on the Fish & Chips. 
They don't have a lot in terms of ambience but it's nothing to fret as you can get them delivered via PickMe Food to your doorstep and enjoy the delicious seafood as you like.

Smokies Barbecue

Smokies is popular for its succulent BBQ meats and takeaway orders. They are a welcome addition to the fray providing well cooked, chicken, beef, pork, sausage and mutton. 

You don't have to go all the way to Moratuwa to grab this juicy meat as they are available on PickMe Food now. Their Mixed Grill sporting three fried eggs, one chicken leg, sliced up beef, pork, Lingus, fries and veggies hit the value for money spot on.

Machang - Nawala 

Paying homage to where they once were, Machang, even though officially relocated to Nugedoa is still called Machang - Nawala. 

They have a good spread of food for you now at your fingertips with PickMe Food. Their Hot Garlic Pork oozes flavour and Machang Special Mix Rice was quite generous when it comes to portion size.

That's all for this weekend, and hope you have an excellent start of the next month.

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