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Where To Eat This Weekend (4th of October 2019)

5 new places to eat this weekend.

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The clouds are sunny again, and isn't it the perfect time to go out and celebrate? Have a look at our list of recommendations for this weekend! 

Cafe Nuga

Cafe Nuga is one of the very few cafes in Colombo that has been consistently good, and our recent experience proved it once again. It's a cafe focused on blending international technique with beloved local delicacies, and they do a superb job at it. This time around, we particularly enjoyed their Spicy Fish Pol Roti Sandwich, which we paired with Sunshine Juice - a blend of lemon, apple and mango, alongside some other elements that we were too busy drinking to remember. 

Cafe D Three

Cafe D Three is relatively new and is a gem of a place if you're dining under a budget. Their range of sandwiches is simple, yet quite interesting and absolutely filling. If you're looking for something light, we highly recommend the Smoked Chicken and Egg Pastry - a deliciously flaky, meaty delight of a pastry that perfectly encapsulates the reason as to why biting into fresh pastries is so universally beloved.

Banana Leaf - Dehiwala

The OG Banana Leaf has been branching out and we couldn't be happier. Their newest branch is in Dehiwala had its moments, but also has room for improvements. The biriyani they serve doesn't disappoint, but make sure you try the Nasi goreng - it's the best! 

Grill Kitchen

Grill Kitchen is in Thalawatugoda, and as the name promises, they do grilled food. The Charcoal Pork Biriyani is their biggest seller, and for a good reason. However, if you do not like peppery flavour, we suggest you stay away from this one because the rice is boasting with pepper. Instead, you can go for the Grilled BBQ Chicken Wings. Ten succulent wings showered in sesame seeds and sauce, it's only Rs. 890. Solid deal, isn't it?

SHIWU Chinese Restaurant (Marino Mall)

The word Shiwu could either mean food, work or the number 15, and in this context, it's the first one. They are a restaurant in Marino Mall that serves up Chinese fare for an affordable price, coupled with booze and some amazing views of the Colombo city skyline. If you're looking at a fancy family lunch/dinner out this weekend, it's a good bet. 

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