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Where to Eat This Weekend (9th January, 2020)

here you should eat this long weekend.

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The first long weekend of 2020 is upon us and we couldn't be happier! With news of missiles and fires dotting the news every ten seconds, we kind of need this one. 

And like every other final day of the working days of the week, we're back at it again with the list of our favourite places of the week. A mix of restaurants getting back on their feet, flamed up pizzas and plenty of pork to go around, here's our list of where you should probably eat this weekend. 

3Brothers Italian Bistro

Taking up the space Off the Hook used to occupy, 3 Brothers Italian Bistro is essentially The Bavarian's Italian counterpart. Doing a range of dishes including the staples of pizzas and pasta, the restaurant also happens to do an array of drinks; both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Their pizzas are super interesting, and they go well with the Passion fruit Margarita. 

La Crème Ceylon

We're always on the lookout for a solid home baker and this week, we happened to come across La Creme Ceylon. Delivering products from the heart of Rosmead place, La Creme does a gorgeous meringue that's essentially what dreams are made of. We found their Swiss Roll to be a tad too sweet, but our overall experience here was pretty solid, no doubt. 

Meatwood Shack

Adding itself to the list of places in Colombo that do a brilliant plate of meat, Meatwood Shack hits closer to home with their tiny space and beautifully vintage ambience. The chicken wings were fantastic and the Chop Norris was, hands down, one of the best takes on pork we've had in a while. 

PS: The cherry on top to our experience came in the form of a dog who sits outside. It's been close to (or more than) a month since they've opened and he's already quite chubby. 

The Pizza Bakery (One Galle Face)

Setting fire to your Christmas pudding is a pretty staple thing. What isn't a very staple thing to do is set fire to your pizza. But, if you've ever had the sudden urge to go ballistic and set fire to your food, we suggest heading down to The Pizza Bakery at One Galle Face before you do. Sourdough crusts topped with all sorts of things, our experience here was quite good and we would recommend it for when you're craving pizza. Just, make sure you check your wallet before walking in as they are a bit on the pricey side. 

Bakes By Bella

BBB is no stranger to the restaurant scene in Colombo, and while they had been closed for a while, they are back now and we're super happy about it. Combining the forces of a cutesy interior, a Nasi Goreng that ticked every possible box we could have hoped for, and a slice of tres leches that was positively divine, we loved it! 

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