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Where To Eat This Weekend (April 5th)

Places to drop by this weekend.

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Weekend is upon us, and it's the festive season too! If hugging the bed all day is not on your to-do list this weekend, we've lined up some good places that you can stop by, and get into the festive mood. 

Hadramout Restaurant

Serving some of the best greased up, Arabic-themed food that you'd come across in your lifetime, Hadramout has been there for ages. Should you need some absolutely meaty shawarmas, or perfectly done tandoor this weekend, this is where you should go.

Arabian Knights (Thimbirigasyaya)

We were more than excited to find out that Arabian Knights has a new branch in Thimbirigasyaya. From aromatic Kabsa to stuffed-to-the-brim Shawarma and deliciously milky Muhalabia, it's glad to see how they've been consistently good on what they offer. If you're craving for some Middle Eastern food, this place should be right up your alley. 

Coffee Colombo

Coffee Colombo fills the void of cafes in the stretch of Marine Drive. If you are interested in sipping a cup of coffee, and eat up the cup afterwards, this is a solid option.

How, you ask? Because they serve their coffee in a waffle cone!

Cafē Blanca

Tucked away in a cosy nook down Malalsekara Mawatha, Cafē Blanca is a great spot for many things - hefty portions of delicious food, superb mug cakes, and the nicest rooftop with board games and books. 


If you find yourself down Marine Drive during weekend, here's another place you can pop in - the Kitchen3576. It's a food truck with a quirky name, but their offerings are quite good. We particularly enjoyed their Doube Tipper Beef Burger and Tandoori Chicken Wrap. 

Have a blissful weekend, everyone! 

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