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Where To Eat This Weekend (July 5th)

We have a great line-up of places for you to try out this weekend.

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Here we are once again. TGIF right? And don't we have a great line-up of places for you to try out this weekend! Beat the heat by dropping by one or a few of these places we are recommending for you. Here are our contenders for this weekend.

Pages & Coffee

The food menu at Pages and Coffee consists of a few mains, a couple of salads coffee and snacks. Apart from the food, the cafe is eye candy from the moment you step into its premises and quite worthy of a drop in just to have a portion of their Creamy Chicken Toast and Spicy Tuna Sub. Quite the treat if we should say so ourselves.

The Hideout

If you are looking for a cosy nook to read a book, to have a heart to heart, to spend some 'me time' to quieten your soul, we present The Hideout. Where Blue Swan used to be is where this treasure is located now. They have a range of coffee-based drinks and knick-knacks such as mouthwatering sandwiches that while making them fills the entire room with its aroma, making you all the more hungry. We ordered the Roast Chicken Sandwich and the Tuna Sandwich and we can confidently say, it was quite the treat. Make sure you try their innovative range of coffee too - from Espresso Cola to Thambili Coffee. 

Black Burger (Black Cat Cafe)

The Black Burger at the Black Cat Cafe is not black and neither does the cafe have cats (though it once did).  Their new set of burgers is comprised of 6, and one of them is a Voodoo Lady, which is essentially the vegetarian option. We got ourselves the Southern Belle and The Big Lebowski (Rs. 1799) and we must say, we liked the latter best. The Big Lebowski was comprised of double Australian Beef patties with triple layers of cheddar, BBQ sauce, pickles and French Dijon mustard. Yum!

Jeewa's Polos & Kuma's Natural Foods

I think it is safe to say that almost everyone who knows Good Market will know, polos cutlets by Jeewa's. This is not the best place for dine-in, but it's definitely a superb place to stop by for lunch. From wraps and burgers to rice and curry, this place is the go-to place to taste the flavour of Sri Lanka. The image may look messy but every bite was oh so good! My mouth waters at the thought. This plate, we give it many thumbs up (though we have just the two).


Tiffinbox is for when you want to stay at home and still enjoy a good rice-based meal. As you can see from the image, its quite the portion too. Works pretty well if you like your big buth packets. We tried for ourselves the Mutton Rice & Curry, Chicken Rice & Curry, and the Prawn Rice & Curry, and we loved all of them. The only downside of this experience was the time they took to deliver it, so we suggest you order really, really early and keep your fingers crossed that it makes it to you soon enough.

Well, that's a wrap from all of us. Join us again next weekend when we will have a host of new places to explore. Have a great one! 

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