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Where To Eat This Weekend (March 1st)

If you are looking for the best spots to grab a bite to eat this weekend while the weekend lasts, here we…

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If you are looking for the best spots to grab a bite to eat this weekend, here we have put together a list of places our writers liked the most. Whether you are passing through or in town for the weekend, you will need to know where to grab a good meal. Here are our recommendations in no particular order.


Probably has all your favourites - from okonomiyaki, yakitori to sushi, and donburi etc. As for drinks, they've got coffee (hot/cold) and a few fresh juices. 

Tribe Cafe

From savoury doughnuts to samosas to cake to gelato to cookies, Tribe has quite a selection of delectable snacks. 

Oh My Cake

Where Schackasz once was, we present the new kid on the block - Oh My Cake. Another dessert shop with good enough cakes to sink your teeth in. For all those with a sweet tooth - we recommend. 

Villa Raha

Sink your taste buds into this menu - because it is that mouthwatering. All day brunch, bagels, pancakes. A variety of curated dishes which are Instagram worthy as well as flavoursome. 


From bagels to sandwiches, to salads, Kiku Colombo has raving reviews about its cuisine. With its loyal patrons constantly flocking through its doors and an almost always full house- it sets rather high standards for all other cafes in town.

The Bibim

If you are looking for a Korean food spot, this is it. Bibim is a Korean dish consisting of rice topped with sautéed vegetables, chilli paste, and beef or other meat, sometimes with the addition of a raw or fried egg. 

Santai Colombo

You will find Laksa, Nasi Lema, Apam Balik, Satay Ayam at Santai Colombo. It provides your Malaysian fare, and some great one at that. 

And that's a wrap. Have yourself a deliciously great weekend.


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