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Where To Eat This Weekend (March 29)

Places to eat at this weekend.

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We've been eating our way through this work week - well... that's what we are paid to do? Talk about a dream job, right? Well, here are our recommendations for the good places you should visit this weekend, if you have the time.

Crepe Runner

Crepe Runner is one of the newest members of the buzzing Food truck scene in CMB and from what we had heard, they're good. As the name suggests, their speciality is crepes - both sweet and savoury. 

Kami Maki (Ward Place)

Like most Japanese restaurants in Colombo, Kami Maki also has a wonderfully large menu with a whole bunch of dishes. Aside from the generic sushi and donburi, this menu included some specials - like sushi doughnuts and tempura fried chocolate cakes. 

Arcadia Cafe & Restaurant

A pretty location to also get pretty good food. We recommend the Baked Crab that was the star of our visit here. Milky and overly stuffed with crab meat, you're definitely getting your money's worth on this one.

Dae Jang Geum

Here there's a menu, plus another menu on the blackboard from which we got for ourselves the Bibimbap followed closely by the Doenjang Soup with the Steamed Rice. The soup was a giant, never-ending abyss of perfectly salty, flavour packed soup. Getting to the restaurant might prove to be a task but we can guarantee that if you find the gems on their menu, you will leave full and happy.

Arie Lagoon

When in Negombo, do what the Negombians do. Stay at Arie Lagoon. Well, this is not a restaurant and neither is it in Colombo. But since we are wrestling through a mighty heat wave as well as power cuts, we recommend you get away and get away to Arie Lagoon. The stay will be as divine as the food which is extensive if you opt for the buffet which is what we did. Here you will have a variety to choose from. From Roast Pork, Fish Tikka, Sweet & Sour Prawns, Buttered Veggies, and Chicken 65 while the infamous Negombo Lagoon Crab Curry is in the spotlight to soups to buns to desserts.

And that's how we do it folks. Rest, eat, repeat. Have a great one. 

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