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Where To Eat This Weekend (May 17th)

If you are looking for fresh places to dine at this weekend, here are our recommendations.

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Rain or shine come whatever, we at YAMU make it a livelihood of searching out the best places to eat and share our new found treasures with our readers. So if you are looking for fresh places to have a meal this weekend, here are our recommendations.

Ayubowan Restaurant

Some of us love our buth in moderation and then there are those who live simply on rice and curry. If you are one of those people who prefer a good portion of rice and curry, we recommend the Ayubowan Restaurant - the needly in the haystack has been found. 

A good resto to appease your soul and also your hunger. Fluffy and cooked to perfection, the rice is hot with chicken, on the other hand, was relatively cold, hard and didn't have much flavour. Same goes for the fried fish. However, the omelette turned out to be peppery and positively stacked with green chillies, which we really enjoyed. 

The Dutch Pub

Some pubs are known for their food. The Dutch Pub located at the Dutch Hospital Complex is one of them. Recenly we dropped in for some excellent fare. - Fish & Chips, Devilled Pork, and Garlic Bread. The prices were as compelling as our feast, therefore we were quite satisfied with our visit.  

The Ocean By O!

From finger food to main meals to snacks, the Ocean By O! has a variety to satisfy your big or small craving. If you are a fan of the HBC, they have a good plate of this too. Here too we enjoyed a meal of good Grilled Pork Chops as well.

With three sizable chops, mash and a handful of veggies, this would appease your tummy gods. The Ocean By O! is also a pub, therefore you can order your weapon of choice. We teamed up our meal with a Mango Arrack Sour and Ocean Special Sour. The ambience and service are as good as the food and drinks. 

Grand Slam By Mitsi

Looking to go Italian and a little bit of this and that? Grand Slam By Mitsi is our recommendation. Located at Sir Marcus Fernando Road, you will find a menu which consists of mainly of pizza and pasta. Like any pizza place, they offer the choice of ordering two toppings side-by-side, and the most expensive option out of the two is your price point. We got for ourselves a Beef Pepperoni and Lamb Sausage Pizza followed closely by a plate of Penne Carbonara. The meal was filling and delicious.

The Bakery at the Edge (Waters Edge)

Known as Colombo's one and only drive-through bakery, The Bakery at the Edge down Waters Edge is the perfect place to grab some superb snacks in a calm, and peaceful ambience. Their mutton roll, egg-bacon puff, blueberry muffin and the chocolate milkshake were particularly good. 

Well, that's our roundup for this week... for more information check out our places on KAMU and do enjoy your weekend.
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