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Where To Eat This Weekend (November 08th)

How can you fill the void left by the absence of Rugby this weekend?

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Weekend feels bland without the excitement of no rugby matches at all? Yeah, same. We know nothing can fill this void and only time can help you heal, but that doesn't mean you can't still spice things up this weekend.

Here are our top picks from this week!

Cafe 47

Cafe 47 is not your usual cafe. It's a beautiful thatched roof designed with bamboo frames, with hay in between, a roomy interior and a cuisine spanning from Italian and Western to Asian and of course, Sri Lankan. If you are in the mood for some Smoked Salmon or one of the best Roast Paans we've had on the island, Cafe 47 is the place to go. Crispy, fresh out of the oven,  you can pair it with dhal, pol sambol and a meat curry of your preference. Plus, it's also BYOB.

Saffron Restaurant

Located at the birthplace of cheap and absolutely amazing food, Maradana, Saffron Restaurant has capitalised on the resources available and created a great restaurant with food that will tantalise your tastebuds! They have an assortment of food belonging to the Sri Lankan, Arabian, Indian and Chinese cuisines. From "regular" portions of some of the best fried rice in town, to shawarma filled to the brim with meat to huge quarters of a chicken - exquisitely prepared, juicy and succulent, they've got it all, and at an exceptionally affordable price. 

The Daily Staple

You'd think that a restaurant adjoining a gym would have bland and all this fitness-y food that I personally do not favour in the least, but the Daily Staple has an array of healthy food, which they've added an extra zest to make it more appealing and delicious, as well as all of the usual chunks of junk that makes your mouth water at the very mention of it.  On the healthy side, they've got soups, salads, grilled goodies and a few keto-based meals, while the rest is comprised of fried rice, burgers, pasta and noodles. 

Lan Tao Cafe

Lan Tao Cafe is a relatively new place that serves some of the best food in town, and when we say so, no exaggeration involved. A fusion restaurant that does some of the best combinations of different elements in town, their menu is quite exciting, consisting of Indonesian, Thai, Jaffna and Sri Lankan cuisine. Their Hot Chocolate is hands down one of the best, and their Roast Paan and Pol Sambol and the fried rice: heavenly!


Ichiban is one of the cheapest alternatives in town to actually check out what the food from your favourite anime tastes like. What is your favourite anime character's favourite food? Does Souma actually make food that amazing? Located in Food Court at Crescat,  Ichiban provides you with the alternative of going for something other than the usual kottu and rice that you find in food courts. 

Dips and Spreads

Dips & Spreads is a home-based venture who puts some interesting twists on this cherished Middle-eastern delicacy, hummus, which will give a good run to all those popular dips around the world. Hummus is, in fact, one of the many things they do. They also whip up an array of energy bites, butter and nibbles as well.  They have some exciting renditions of the hummus, like the Nai Miris and also, if you're craving for something sweet, you can go for the Dark Choco Peanut Butter. 

Griddling (Street Rush)

Home to the Roti John, that super moist bun sandwiched between fried eggs and topped off with a bit of coleslaw, caramelised onion, chicken and French fries, Griddling is definitely a place to check out this weekend. Apart from this mouthwatering delicacy, they also do a delicious array of burgers.

Make sure you make maximum use of this long weekend spread ahead of you! Have fun!

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