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Where to Get Christmas Cake- 2019

Here are a bunch of places to get your Christmas Cake fix this year.

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Preserved chow-chow, cherries, Strawberry jam, cashews and a whole load of brandy, the manufacturing process of Christmas cake isn't very simple. If you've ever made it, you would know. 

Not only is it a very long process, but, it's also a rather expensive venture. So, if you do decide to buy your Christmas cake instead of making it, here's a list of options you can go with. 

Perera & Sons

Individual pieces: Rs. 110

400g: 800

800g: 1600


500g: Rs. 2200

1kg: Rs. 4400

Aunty Cynthia's

Individual pieces: Rs. 180 (Imported Ingredients), Rs. 140 (Local Ingredients)

1kg: Rs. 3750 (Imported Ingredients), Rs. 2750 (Local Ingredients) 


Individual Piece: Rs. 150 

550g: Rs. 1300 


Individual Piece: Rs. 300 (without almond paste), Rs. 350 (With almond paste)

500g: Rs. 2400(without almond paste), Rs. 2900 (with almond paste)

1kg: Rs. 4800 (without almond paste), Rs. 5800 (with almond paste)

Sen Saal

Individual Pieces: Rs. 180


Individual Pieces: Rs. 170 (without almond paste), Rs. 210 (with almond paste)

400g: Rs. 1, 400 

1kg: Rs. 3,500

Mrs. Qyun’s

100g: Rs. 300

1kg: Rs. 3000 

1 kg with decorations and packed in a box: Rs. 3500 

Rasitha Jayakody 

Contact: 0778464996
1kg: Rs. 2000

The Cake Factory (5th Lane)

Individual Pieces: Rs. 280 

250g: Rs. 1400 

500g: Rs. 2600

Oh My Cake

450g: Rs. 1500 

Bola's Bakeshop

Individual Pieces: Rs. 140 (without almond paste)

500g: Rs. 1250 (without almond paste ), Rs. 1750 (with almond paste) 

Cake Republic

Individual Pieces: Rs. 95

Bakes by Bella

100g: Rs. 350 

1kg: 3500 

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