Where To Watch ICC T20 World Cup 2021

A list of pubs/bars in Colombo that broadcast the T20 series.

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After being cooped up at home for most of the last two years, we're badly craving a huge blowout with good food, chilled beer and celebration. With the ongoing ICC T20 series, this is the perfect opportunity for that, don't you think? If you're in Colombo, drop by one of these pubs/ bars with your mates, watch the games, cheer for your team and create some brand new memories!

The Irish

With its delicious Colcannon, Lamb Stew and Bangers & Mash, The Irish does some fantastic Irish fare to munch on as you watch the T20 series on the big screen. 

For inquiries: 0112694399

The Lion Pub

The popular hangout spot in Mount Lavinia, Lion's Pub is allowing you to enjoy a sweet 20% discount when you watch the T20 season on their live screen.

For inquiries: 0112761961

Playtrix Sports Bar & Cafe

Have some hot wings, bacon kochchi toasts and sizzling grills as you cheer for your team at Playtrix's T20 scene. You can pair them up with their generous deals on selected liquor, Lion beer pitchers and towers. 

For inquiries: 0765477577

Randoli Sports Club

An oldie but a goodie, Randoli is a classic choice to drop by and watch the game. Make sure to try out their hot butter cuttlefish; it's one of the best in town!

For inquiries: 0112368208

Cricket Club Cafe

What better place to watch the T20, than the iconic Cricket Club Cafe? We highly recommend diving into their magnificent Knott’s Nachos as you get your game mode on.

For inquiries: 0112574394

The Manchester

The Manchester in Colombo 07 is a pretty chill place to hang out and watch the games, without having to be uptight or uneasy. 

For inquiries: 0777256303

Cheers (Cinnamon Grand)

Cinnamon Grand Hotel telecasts the T20 series at their very own sports bar - Cheers. 

For inquiries: 0112437437

Loft Lounge (Colombo Courtyard)

The Loft at Colombo Courtyard offers wonderful views, good food and some pretty cool happy hours (6.00 PM - 7.00 PM and 9.00 PM - 10.00 PM), all to enjoy while catching up on the T20 series. 

For inquiries: 0114645333

Aliya Ceylon Pub

The T20 season at Aliya Ceylon Pub (Dutch Hospital) comes with many good deals. 

  • Offer 01: Rs. 5800, includes Old Arrack/ Gin, Spicy Devilled Sausages Platter, 3 chasers
  • Offer 02: Rs. 6500, includes Bacardi + 3 Cokes/ Eristoff + Sunquick Orange decanter, Chicken Wings/ Black Pepper Chicken
  • Beer Tower Combo: includes a choice of beer and Pizza/ Sausage Platter
    • Tiger: Rs. 4200
    • Lion: Rs. 4200
    • Carlsberg: Rs. 4600

For inquiries: 0707121426