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Win Some Amma-points With #yamuquarantinecookoff

10 curries to impress your family.

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Over a month in self-quarantine has made us channel our inner master chef. Everyone is baking, making snacks and cooking delicious feasts for the family, while allowing the kitchen to be their creative space.
The massive number of food pictures and recipe videos we receive every day for #yamuquarantinecookoff is enough proof for that.
So, to those of you who haven't slid into the chef-mode yet, we thought of sharing some of the very Sri Lankan recipes we've whipped up over the years to inspire you. Recreating these will surely let you win some amma-points too.
Also, do tag us on your cooking adventures on Instagram during this self-quarantine (both video and pictures) with the #yamuquarantinecookoff, follow us (@yamulk) and we'll be more than happy to give a shoutout!

Beef Bone Curry

If you really need to pick a bone, make this easy peasy Beef Bone Curry at home! It comes with a gravy that's enriched with all the flavours of the bone and an ensemble of spices. Plus, the addition of potatoes comes in really handy as you don't have to make more curries to eat your plate of rice.

Creamy Chicken Curry

This chicken curry has the creamiest gravy, so not a single ounce of it will go to waste. Scoop it up with some bread, paratha or egg roti.

Mutton Curry

Packed with spices, green chillies, chunks of tomato and onions, this mutton curry includes a spoonful of curd too, to give that creamy edge. Pair up the leftovers with some butter or garlic naan; it's the perfect combo.

Tin Fish Curry

Tin fish is a hassle-free way to get some protein into your system, especially now that we can't go out to buy fish whenever we want to. And we found this tin fish curry to go really well with some milky kiributh

Jaffna Crab Curry

It's not easy to find crab these days, but you do happen to stumble across some, this Jaffna crab curry is one fine dish that you can craft up to show off your cooking skills to the whole family. Jaffna cuisine has a unique flavour profile that involves a whole bunch of spices while the murunga leaves work its magic. Not only it tastes great with rice, but it's also a good accompaniment for pittu.

Egg Curry

Whether it be poached, scrambled, boiled, or fried, eggs are a wonderful source of protein and many other nutrients. If you're tired of eating it the same old way, take a step further and add a Lankan touch to it, by making this delicious egg curry.

Jaffna Pork Curry

Here's how you can infuse a dose of Jaffna curry goodness into some pork. Every bite of this will leave you craving for more, we guarantee it.

Kaju Curry

Cashews are expensive, but they're packed with lots and lots of nutrients and flavour. Whether it be plain, salted, spiced up or sugar-coated, cashews are highly addictive as well, even when it takes the form of a curry like this. 

Murunga Curry

This milky, lightly spiced murunga curry is an easy way to score some amma-points during this self-quarantine.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish

Okay, it's not exactly a curry, but who wouldn't love a helping of this crisped up pieces of cuttlefish that pair up very nicely with some fried rice? 

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