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"WING iT" - Chicken Wings At Pizza Hut Sri Lanka

Pizza Hut has chicken wings now.

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Pizza Hut Sri Lanka does Chicken Wings now. They take the baked approach towards this, not the deep-fried one, and toss them in 4 kinds of sauces - BBQ, Sriracha, Peri Peri and Garlic Parmesan. Available in 6, 12 and 24 pc portions, the pricing of them varies from Rs. 420 - 1400. 

The Chicken Wings 

We went with the 6 pc portion of each flavour. 

First up, we have the BBQ Chicken Wings. Let me start with the texture of the meat, as all four portions of these wings share the same one.

A little tough from the outside, while the inside is juicy and cooked all the way to the bone, the chicken was tender and fell apart so easily. However, flavour-wise, they weren't smoky as we anticipated. Lured by the tangy kick provided by the BBQ sauce, while the burnt bits stuck on the meat boosting its overall taste, we enjoyed this one.

Drenched in Sriracha sauce, this one was spicy as promised, with a teeny tiny swirl of sweetness running through. The burnt bits acted as flavour enhancer here as well. Out of the lot, it was our favourite. 

We were expecting a massive cheesy, garlicky boot from the Garlic Parmesan one, but unfortunately, it left a lot to be desired. Sure, we could taste hints of garlic in it, but the parmesan flavour was almost nonexistent. 

When you see Peri Peri anywhere, your tastebuds get ready for a whack-load of spicy goodness. However, Pizza Hut's take on Peri Peri Wings was on the milder side, so we barely got any heat from this. The chicken itself was lovely, which we enjoyed, but not exactly the Peri Peri treat we were looking for. 


We'd recommend BBQ and Sriracha Wings, while the other two have room for improvement. They certainly can make them more saucier, so there's more flavour to the chicken. Nonetheless, given the price you pay, Pizza Hut offers you a good deal with these wings. 

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