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YAMU Date Night Index 2016

The self-acclaimed love gurus at YAMU help you plan the perfect date night in Colombo.

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Our last Date Night Index focused on types of dates. This one is going to be a little bit more personal, and focus on types of couples. We at YAMU will curate your date night for you, so you don't have to! If this works out, please send us invites to your wedding, we like free buffets. In this segment, we plan out your date for you from start to finish. Well almost. We hope you don't finish on your own.

The Snugglers

If you're the kind of couple that wants to stay in, do nothing, and ignore Valentine's Day till it goes away, we'd recommend :

The Party Papols

We'd assume you met at a club, go on dates to clubs, and are used to communicating via sign language. If you're heavy on the drinking and low on the hearing, we'd suggest you :

Vintage Vibes

For history buffs and general lovers of local/ colonial heritage, we'd suggest some of Colombo's coolest old school spots. Our recommendations are :

  • Slink over to the Galle Face Hotel for a sunset drink at the Terrace overlooking the sea. Over 150 years of history and romance with a view to die for, no big deal.
  • Dinner at Tintagel. Home to former heads of states, illustrious families, and a wicked smoked salmon and caviar appetizer.
  • For a dose of embellished colonial romance and glamour, head over to the Love Bar. No, the structure isn't old in itself but the kooky vintage furniture and story behind it are. 

Treat Yourself!

If you two are into that mutual self-love and pampered down-time, we'd suggest :

  • Book yourselves in for a couples pedicure at Nail Anatomy (yes, they're more than happy to do male pedicures too, barring nail polish if you wish)
  • Then head for a leisurely couples massage at Spa Ceylon or Angsana Spa.
  • Relax in the CASA Colombo pool with a stiff cocktail.

Classy Cats

If you're a couple of sleek, refined types who enjoy a bit of bubbly and fine dining, we have a few options for you. Why not :

Keeping It Real

If all this upscale swaggery isn't your style, and you chaps enjoy the real sweaty essence of Colombo, we'd recommend :

  • Kite flying at Galle Face Green. It's heaps of fun, lots of romping, and you can wind down by watching the stunning sunset. Nibble some isso vadey.
  • Head over to Castle or Grand Oriental in the Fort/ Slave Island area for some old school, semi-dingy drinks
  • Try a Marine Drive seafood feast. Either Beach Wadiya or Yaal (be warned though, the flouroscent lighting at Yaal will not lend itself to romance)

The It Couple

Essentially the opposite of the above, the It Couple probably wins at Instagram, CMB socializing, and knowing what's hot. Us telling you where to go is pretty redundant, since you definitely already know. May we humbly suggest :

True Romance

These are the couples looking for some intimate, eye-gazing, hand-holding sop. You're probably so captivated you don't notice the people gagging loudly around you. Here are some recommendations to romance your pants off :

  • Pick up some flowers from Shirohana or some jewellery from Chatham Street, whatever you and your special someone are into.
  • Dinner at Havelock Place Bungalow, or August. Both are al fresco, magically lit, and secluded. You can also take a nice bottle of champers in to August.
  • Drinks at ZaZa Bar at CASA

Remember if you're getting boozy, take a PickMe or tuk tuk. Keep both yourself and the romance alive! Happy dating, lovebirds.

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