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YAMU Date Night Index 2018

We have made Valentine's Day planning easier for you.

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"Valentine's Day. It's the one time of the year when the world tries to be as romantic as I am all the time."

These wise words of Manny Delgado from Modern Family pretty much sum up what Valentine's Day is. No matter, we are here to help you plan your perfect date night with your special someone, including where to go, and what to wear (via Let's get started.

Private & Personal

If you want to be up close and personal with your partner (like you should be every day) may we suggest;

  • The Havelock Place Bungalow? It is a charming, secluded little bungalow in the heart of the city that is perfect for an intimate chat over dinner, ice cream, and wine. 
  • Scarlet Room at Colombo Courtyard makes for a hassle-free, Italian cuisine, semi-fine dining experience. Their red theme also goes perfectly with Valentines.
  • August by Mama Aida's is a great Middle Eastern restaurant ideal for a private dinner with your loved one. It is secluded, al fresco with a relaxing atmosphere. 

Ladies, if you're having trouble picking an outfit that's comfortable but at the same time sure to make some heads turn, try something fresh with a cool, new concept on conventional Valentine's dressing. Get this unique designer Urban Island Pink Base Floral Shift Dress styled with your own choice of minimal jewelry would make up for a comfortable, yet sophisticated outfit.

Classy Cats

For those of you who want to enjoy some fine-dining with great booze and mood music we suggest;

If you're going for classy, you wanna look it too. The Urban Island Green Floral Shift Dress is a great choice for a fancy dinner out, just as it is for a private and personal dinner. The designer print is super versatile and flexible enough for you to be able to wear it on more than one occasion. 

Vintage Vibes

If you and your special someone share a unique love of history and colonial heritage, may we suggest;

  • Rare at Uga Residence for some great food and cocktails near the pool.
  • Governor's Restaurant at Mount Lavinia Hotel, a great dinner spot overlooking the ocean with a very romantic view. Their menu offers Italian, Chinese, Indian, European and of course, Sri Lankan. 
  • If dinner is overrated and you just want to head straight for the bar, yet still wanna keep up with the Valentine's Day theme, Love Bar is the spot for you. You can enjoy a cozy elegant chill night. We also found the crowd's ages were as diverse as the decor, which is pretty cool.

All you gentlemen, if you want to gift your special lady something special, try out these elegant designer sarees in heritage art form batik with a modern design take. Why not get her the  Urban Drape Batik Saree with Floral Printed Blouse Fabric, it comes with a Printed Chiffon saree jacket fabric (don't worry, she will know what that means). 

Podi Casual Scene

For those well-established relationships that don't need contrived situations to feel the connection or on the other hand, the ones that are still "not quite there yet" we recommend;

  • Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar for some delicious food with an urban and rustic atmosphere appropriate for a casual meal.
  • Park Street Mews Restaurant is a budget-friendly place serving excellent food and an unorthodox setting which is quite chic.
  • Arthur's Pizza is ideal if you two have got the, "for better or for worse" thing going on cause once the nai miris brings out the snots and the tears, you'll know you're comfortable with each other.

You can try the Urban Island Green Shift Dress or the Urban Island White Shift Dress for a casual dinner date. Keeping up to the season's flavour, the lettered embroidery on the neckline is tastefully done, and the stripe embroidery detailing on the sleeves and hem add value to the dress itself. Great attention to design while keeping it casual best! Wear it with a pair of sneakers and you're good to go. These dresses are great holiday looks too, so great if you're looking for double-duty looks.

Have Fun

There you have it. We hope you've got some ideas on where to eat or what to wear on this day from our list. Check out the Valentine's collection on to find some great looks or gifting options this season.

In the end, true love is about keeping the spark alive and to keep this level of romance each and every day, in however way you can. It's not all about gifts and chocolate (maybe a little), it's about establishing something deeper. Love wins. It always does.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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