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YAMU Loves: Black Cat's Homemade Ginger Beer

What's the best, highly effective pick-me-up on the West Coast? Why, Black Cat's home-made Ginger Beer, of course!

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favorite food and drink around the city.

Everyone has their own vice. A certain habit that keeps them tethered to something they just have absolutely no self-control over. While it might seem like an exaggeration, my filthiest habit is my uncontrollable, unhealthy addiction to Black Cat's Homemade Ginger Beer. 

I love it. It's my immediate go-to for when I need an excuse to get out of the house, or if I'm thirsty, or hungry, angry, bored, whatever. On most occasions I don't need a reason at all. I sometimes randomly find myself at the cafe, gawking at the menu for lies, only to place an order for this irresistible, highly seductive love-potion of a drink. Only in this case, you fall in love with the drink tbh. I'm not sure what its other healing properties are...

I mean it's got a shit ton of ginger in it, that's for sure. The ginger extract rests at the bottom of the glass like an undulating cloud, billowing unassumingly amongst ice cubes and water. You are required to stir it, of course and the ice, while extremely inconvenient, only buffers the overall flavour more. Let me explain.

Imagine someone just punched you in the throat (in a nice way), full swing, no holds barred and every single one of your sinuses got the blockage knocked out of them. Now add on a bit of brain-freeze and the sensation of snorting chilli-powder. That's the only way I can describe it, to be honest. It's a strong, monster of a drink that's probably the best remedy available if you've got an iffy stomach. Plus, the scarce amount of sugar gives it a wonderfully raw edge. Don't ask for less ice, or more sugar- I learned this lesson the hard way. Just drink it as it is, and if you can't stomach it, that's that. 

Sometimes the drink is a bit uh, tame. I just chalk it up to a sloppy prep method on that day, but most days they deliver without fail. So if you're interested in a small beema to wake you the f**k up, take my word for it and give this one a go. 

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