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YAMU Loves: Blueberry Cheesecake At Sugarcube

We love, love, LOVE Sugarcube's Blueberry Cheesecake.

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favourite food and drink around the city.

So a couple of years ago, Sarah and I stumbled upon this charming yellow coloured door down Duplication Road. What's behind this door was the tiniest, yet one of the cutest cafes we've seen, and little did we know, we were about to discover the best slice of blueberry cheesecake in Colombo. 

Known as Sugarcube, this cafe lies in front of 0ld House of Fashions building.

Priced at Rs. 450, Sugarcube's Blueberry cheesecake is comprised of three (usual) layers - a buttery biscuit base in the bottom, rich filling in the middle, a generous slathering of blueberry coulis on top. We could actually distinguish how each of them contributed to the overall flavour. 

Let's have a closer look, shall we?


A tinge of sweetness combined with a little butter that holds it all together, the graham cracker base here is light, smooth and delicate to the bite. Sitting pretty on this biscuit base, is the cream filling. Deliciously tarty, fluffy and incredibly creamy, it has the richest taste we've experienced in a cheesecake. From what we gathered, this filling is made from Philadelphia cream cheese, which accentuates the sharp flavour and luscious texture. 

The thick layer of coulis carries some chunky bits of juicy blueberries, which burst into flavours with every bite. 

The overall flavour is a balanced mash-up of sweet, sour and milky flavours, while the blueberries leave a bit of fruity note on the palate. 

Over the years, we have gobbled down around 20 slices of this delicacy (don't judge, because trust me, this stuff is pretty addictive), and the flavour and quality of it have been consistently good. This one sets the bar so high for the cheesecake scene in Colombo, and even after two years, we haven't been able to find a better one that can beat it. 

Try it out if you already haven't, and you'll see what we are talking about! 

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