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YAMU Loves: Irish Crème Pot at Hyve Dessert Bar

A pure chocoholic bliss!

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We usually review places, but in this YAMU Loves feature we'll highlight some of our favourite food and drink around the city.

When Schakasz announced the permanent closure, the loyal patrons of this place felt like they lost a piece of their heart - I know I did. Desserts have this magical power to put you in a good mood, and a few bites are all it takes, which is probably why I constantly found myself there. 

While taking my sweet time to gobble down almost everything they had on the menu, I was always drawn to this one particular dessert - the Baileys Irish Crème Pot. Be it some rough day, payday, boredom or simply in need of something sweet, this was my saving grace. 

Anyway, it's not exactly a rumour that Schakasz has come back to life. With an all-new location down Thimbirigasyaya Road, Hyve Dessert Bar has been able to bring back some of the old memories, including the Irish Crème Pot (Rs. 400) that I went nuts for. 

So back then, the Irish Crème Pot looked like this. Served in a rectangle shaped aluminium container, it was topped with a fresh strawberry.

And now it has this new container. But, what lies within this container hasn't failed to impress me, even after all this time. In fact, it's even better now.

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

Chocolates relieve stress, and alcohol makes you all relaxed - so together, it makes a fine pair. Knowing this, Hyve Dessert Bar makes this boozed up, chocolate custard-based dessert with Baileys Irish Cream.

The texture here is quite lighter than the other custards, flans and crème caramel. It's very silky like, absolutely smoothy and rolls away on your palate without any effort. 

In terms of flavour, it's incredibly chocolatey, with a swirl of booziness running through. The notes of dark chocolate would get your attention from the first bite, while the zesty Bailey's Irish Cream slowly eases it in. In fact, the booze elevates its whole flavour. Kinda like the infamous Arrack CBP by Bellisima, the alcohol to chocolate ratio here is on point. 

This stuff is super addictive, and it's not because it has liquor in it. From texture to flavour, everything about this dessert is pure chocoholic bliss! 

If you're a fan of desserts spiked up with booze, this Irish Crème Pot at the Hyve Dessert Bar is a must try. Drop by and get a pot of that if you're around, and let us know how much you like it. 

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