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YAMU loves: Rice & Curry at Lantheruma

Super affordable and super yum!

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Affordable and reliable, Lantheruma is one of our favourite go-to spots! It's a tiny buth kadey which gives great value for money. The food will also remind you of your mom's curries, unless your mom's a bad cook. 

There's a wide variety of vegetable curries to choose from and it's never the same because, when the pots are empty, they are refilled, but with different curries.  All curries and sambols are well spiced, taste good and act as proof that a plate of rice & curry makes for an absolutely majestic meal. The fish curry (except for the thalapath curry), however, is raging with bones and is best avoided.

With everything priced at Rs 230 and under, you're given the liberty to choose the type of rice (red/white) you require and 4 vegetable curries, in addition to your choice of meat. For vegetarians, the number of veggies springs to 5. If you want an additional veg curry, you'll have to pay more, but the lady who runs it is very nice and rarely charges the extra amount. So smile and pray you won't be charged for your additional veg curry. 

This is really more of a takeaway spot, so the seating space is quite shoddy with 2 plastic tables and about 10 chairs housed under canopies. You're likely stumble upon a cat - one that isn't very shy and will keep meowing for more rice when fed once. So, feed with caution, or just don't part with your meal because rice and curry isn't a luxury meant to be shared.

Giving you a real gamey feel, this buth kadey will give your bank balance a break. Good food, reasonable pricing and a taste of home make Lantheruma one of our favourite spots.

Tip - Get your lunch early. The best of their curries run out fast.

Address De Fonseka Road, near Vajira Junction (Colombo 05)

Directions This is near Visakha College, so no chance of parking nearby, when school is on. If you're coming from Duplication Road, you can go up Vajira Road and turn onto De Fonseka. You can also get on De Fonseka from Dickman's Road.

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