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YAMU Loves: Thai Spiced Chicken at Calorie Counter

A well balanced meal for a miniscule amount of calories and a large portion of meat? Yes please.

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*Note: They've increased the price by Rs. 80, so it's Rs.680 now.

I can't count the number of times I've ordered this dish and I'd order it a lot more if I had the funds.
The Thai Spiced Chicken priced at Rs. 600 contains 313 calories and is an absolute favourite amongst many of us here at the office, especially for an office lunch. 

It comes with two large chunks of chicken that are grilled to perfection, lightly charred on the sides and drenched in a deliciously flavourful sauce that somehow manages to complement it rather than overpower it. The chicken is tender and more than enough for one person so you're actually eating a filling meal for such a small amount of calories. 
The dish is accompanied by a tangy watermelon and pineapple salsa that packs a punch thanks to a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. You can pick and choose your vegetables (either steamed, grilled or a portion of green salad) and your carbs (mashed sweet potato, baked potatoes, kurakkan bread, Moroccan couscous or Red Rice Vermicelli).
I usually go with the steamed vegetables which are fresh and wonderfully crunchy along with baked potatoes for carbs. The baked potatoes are soft with crisp skins and are salted and peppered adequately.

For Rs. 600 this dish is a steal. Also I'd recommend you try the sweet potato mash if you aren't a fan of baked potatoes. 

You can order via the YAMU delivery system, but be warned that there's some delivery cost involved (between Rs. 50 and Rs. 200), so you may want to get other people you're with to order from Calorie Counter too so you can share the delivery charge. 

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