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YAMU Loves: Thick Cut Fries + Iced Tea at The Original Rocket Burger

What MUST you do when you find yourselves in Galle? Snack on thick cut fries and Blue Flamingo Iced Tea at The…

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There are a lot of things you can do in Galle. Well, mostly a lot of things... Aside from checking out all the main spots and chilling on the beach, eating is your next best option. Food plays a huge role here so you'll never be short of new places to try; but sometimes it's always nice to snack in-between walks, no? Which is precilesly why you should head over to the Original Rocket Burger for a side of their thick cut fries and iced lemon tea. 

Since our review nearly a year ago, we've heard mixed opinions about Rocket Burger and how they've slid off the quality grid recently. That's sad to hear, but their thick cut fries are still 10/10. 

A portion of fries used to cost Rs. 200, but now they've raised the price an extra 100 bucks. Probably the only con here, really. You get a portion of fresh, #thicc, crispy fries salted to perfection. Three sauces of choice are placed atop each desk: peri-peri, mayo and ketchup so you can pick your choice of dip. 

The Blue Flamingo brand Iced Lemon tea is probably the BEST iced tea drink you'll find in all of Galle. Seriously. You can walk into any fine establishment in the hopes of indulging in a tall glass of Sri Lanka's pride and joy flavoured to taste, but all you'll get is a disgusting, watery, syrupy mess with a hint of tea in it. No thanks. 

This stuff is potent, harbours a highly refreshing lemon zing to it and somehow also balances out a very strong kahata base. I love it. 

So that's it for this YAMU Loves blog. Next time you're in Galle make sure a trip to Rocket Burger is on your list. For the fries at least, if not the burgers. 

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