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YAMU's Best Of 2012

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YAMU started in July of 2012, so this isn't quite a year in review. Here's some of our favorites from the past 6 months.

Colombo's Restaurant Graveyard

When we began Savan did two articles, one on Colombo's Restaurant Immortals (the restaurants that seem to have been around forever) and another on the restaurants that disappeared - Colombo's Restaurant Graveyard.

Power Cut Circus

There was also a time when we had like a week of power cuts, making it impossible to work. While it was happening we made this video, and an accompanying post - 10 Things To Do During Power Cuts.

The Lamprais Taste-Off

Around August we started doing a bunch of comparisons, starting with lamprais. We basically got a bunch of lamprais and tasted them. They were good, check out the full review - The Great Lamprais Taste-Off. It also ran in the Daily FT.

The Milo Challenge

Shruthi and Indi also compared various chocolate milky type drinks. We also got a ton of likes for a random photo of the Highland chocolate milk glass bottle.

Creepy Customer Service

Another favorite (by me, Indi) was a takedown of the creepy staff that follow you around at certain stores. Check out - Creepy Customer Service: Seriously, Stop Following Me.

And that's our completely unscientific survey of the past year. Here's to a great 2013.
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