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YAMU's Favourite Cocktails of 2019

We loved 2019, here's a couple reasons why.

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It's been a week since we bid goodbye to 2019 and unfortunately, 2020 doesn't seem to look all that bright for many of us. With WW3 trending and Australia catching fire, almost all our expectations are pretty much drooping again and let's face it, we could all use a drink right about now. 

So, taking things back to when things were slightly simpler, here's our list of YAMU's favourite cocktails for the year 2019! 

Red Kiss - Elevate

A vodka-cranberry that was a direct hit from the first sip, the Red Kiss at Elevate came into the scene as a gorgeous symphony of flavours that we just couldn't get enough of. With a zing from the lime and the right amount of acidity from the vodka, the cocktail fell more along to the sweeter side of things and we absolutely loved it.

Sunset Skies - Sea Salt Society

Our overall experience at Sea Salt Society was fantastic. And the cherry on top happened to be a drink named Sunset Skies. A fusion of vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit, the drink was pretty much the perfect mix between a strong sipper and a fruity punch. A definite recommend on our part. 

Saima Cut Wela - Sahal

Saima Cut Wela ( Right)

After skipping through the likes of  Malle Pol, Karakila Amberella, Sumihiri Paane, and Kurundu Watta, we decided to get the Saima Cut Wela at Sahal. A clear, tall glass with bits of cucumber, pomegranate and chopped up pineapple swimming around, along with the combination of vodka, tequila and triple sec, had us all cut wela by the time we were done with it. 

Ocean Special Sour - The Ocean By O!

Combining 2 of the most iconic elements of being Sri Lankan, the Ocean Special Sour at The Ocean by O turned out to be a refreshing concoction of passion fruit cordial, lime and the star of the show, Ceylon Arrack. Balancing out things sweet, sour and alcoholic, it somehow soured its way to this list. 

Lagoon Breeze - Arie Lagoon

Lagoon Breeze (right)

Found bordering the Negombo lagoon, Arie Lagoon filled our cravings of vodka and cranberry juice by kicking their Lagoon Breeze up a notch with the addition of apple juice into the mix. Ideal for getting you out of the heat and slightly boozy, the Lagoon Breeze at Arie Lagoon is a definite recommend. 

Mango Arrack Sour - Tequila Mockingbird

Found in the heart of the Galle Fort, Tequila Mockingbird does a killer Mango Arrack sour. With just the right amount of sweetness seeping in through each sip, the drink could have used tad more mango in it but was all in all a star. 

Bull Frog - Classic Sports Pub

Classic Sports Pub down W A Silva Mawatha was definitely one of the seedier pubs we've been to; especially during the day. And while they didn't have many options to choose from, they did have a Bullfrog. Combining the likes of Bacardi, vodka and tequila, with a twist of Redbull and the addition of Curacao syrup to make it go green, the cocktail had enough of a punch to get you tipsy and went down quite smoothly. Kudos Classic sports pub, you made us very happy. 

Small Island Iced Tea - Next Innings 

Giving Long Island Iced Tea a bit of a Lankan twist, the Small Island Iced Tea isn't as punchy as the original, at least not on your first round, but blending the powers of Arrack, soda, and peach tea concentration, it's a solid deal for Rs. 500. 

Passion fruit Mule - AOBA

AOBA is One Galle Face's resident Jap, and they do a wonderful Passion fruit Mule. Refreshing, sweet, sour and beautifully fruity, the drink had bits of passionfruit flesh swimming about and was all in all a success. 

Bonna Yako - KAVA Island Bar

Causing quite a stir in Colombo's nightlife, KAVA Island Bar joined the scene as a lot of people's favourite tiki bar in the city. And on our visit to this particular establishment, we came across the Bonna Yako. A gingery, soured-up, fizzy treat that starred tequila. Incorporating the likes of tamarind, lime and bitters, the drink is an excellent option to go with if you happen to drop by.

That's pretty much all we have for now, but stay tuned in for our favourite cocktails of 2020. 

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