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YAMU's Favourite Cuppas In CMB

10 of our favourite cups of Coffee.

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Within the past couple of years, we managed to witness the number of cafes in Colombo go from zero to a hundred (we're exaggerating) real quick. Thus, we were fortunate enough to drink (quite possibly) gallons worth of coffee. And from all the cuppas we've had, it all comes down to this. 

11 of YAMU's Favourite Cuppas in Colombo (in no particular order). 

So, without much further ado, here goes!

Almond Milk Cappucino - Noteworthy

This was the wonderful combination of Lavazza beans, Irish Cream and Hazelnut Flavour. The silky smooth almond milk accompanied by the thick Irish cream, a whiff of hazelnut essence and a strong shot of espresso proved to be the key to being one absolutely delicious cup of coffee which we really think you should give a shot at.

Caffe Mocha - The Embazzy

Next up we have the Caffe Mocha from The Embazzy. Using freshly ground coffee beans from the Lavazza's Gold Selection, chocolate and a heavy dose of whipped cream, we loved it! There was strong kicks of coffee all around in every sip and added to the gentle sweetness from the whipped cream and the thickness of the drink as a whole, it was fantastic.

Mocha - Kopi Kade

We've been loyal patrons of Kopi Kade, their amazing coffee and their finger food for quite a while now. And choosing our favourite from the ones we've had was no easy task. Nevertheless, we bring you the Mocha with 70% dark chocolate. Achieving the perfect balance between chocolate and coffee, this was, without doubt, one of the absolute best in the city. If you like, you can get this with white chocolate too. 

Turmeric Latte: Butter Boutique

Butter Boutique has maintained a name for being one of the best places to get cakes and desserts in Colombo. Apart from those, they also have a couple of options of drinks to choose from. The term Turmeric Latte, let's be honest, sounds rather strange. But, it was an absolute sellout in our opinion. Instead of overpowering the Latte completely, the turmeric allowed the coffee to do its magic whilst making the drink richer and stronger in the most beautiful way possible. 

Espresso Iced Coffee: Hansa Coffee 

Hansa has been praised time and time again for being one of the best coffee stops in Colombo by YAMU and non-YAMU people alike. Thus becoming one of the least surprising on this list. The Espresso Iced Coffee at Hansa coffee turned out to be a dream come true to save us from the blistering heat that is Colombo. Powered with a strong kick from the espresso at the bottom and the silky smooth milk, we guarantee that you'll love this one.

Cappuccino: The Grind Coffeehouse 

We positively adored our experience at The Grind Coffeehouse. Everything from the prettier than life food to this Cappucino added up to it. Although it isn't necessarily Picasso in terms of presentation, this cup turned out to be light and of the perfect temperature when served. The froth, although dense was beautifully creamy. The coffee had a rather fruity aftertaste to it which is pretty strangely cool if you ask us. 

Macchiato: Black Cat Cafe 

If you've read our review of The Black Cat Cafe, this being here shouldn't really surprise you. The coffee was a picture perfect macchiato with its signature white dot and was ideal to give you that happy little buzz that you look for in a cup of coffee. Plus, the cafe has cats. What more do you need?

Cold Drip: Whight and Co

If you've managed to come this far down into the post, you're probably aware of Whight and Co and their coffee already. Serving up some of the best cuppas in Colombo, we love them. And choosing one from the lot we've had was a tad difficult. Nevertheless, the Cold Drip definitely deserves a place on this list. Not only do they grind their own coffee, but they also grow it too. We'd definitely recommend it. 

Beetroot Latte: KIKU 

Here's one that's a tad odd since it's just milk. But, the Beetroot Latte at KIKU sounds peculiar and looks like something you'd find in a storybook. Bearing a heavy beetroot presence and a light layer of foam on top, we were utterly bewitched by it. Plus, they use natural beetroot powder and flower petals as garnish. 

Cappuccino: Villa Raha 

The Cappuccino at Villa Raha was a beautiful cup full of velvety milk, silky smooth foam and a slight hint of coffee. While it might not be your ideal option to go with when you want a good caffeine kick in the gut, it ticks off every other box with being a pretty fabulous cuppa.

Hazelnut Cappuccino - Le Papillon

Finally, we have the Hazelnut Cappuccino (on the left) from Le Papillon. With the perfect amount of foam, cream and hazelnut flavour to boot, we absolutely loved this one! The hazelnut flavour, while being strong, did not overpower the coffee taste. The lush texture here was a clear sign of good milk to coffee ratio. 

There you have it - 11 of the best cups of coffee we've had up to date! Try a couple and let us know how it went. 

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