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YAMU's Top 5 Burgers In CMB

Here's the list of our top 5 burgers.

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Easy to make, hard to master - burgers are one of those fancy sandwiches. While you can find burgers anywhere and everywhere, it’s deceptively hard to find the best one among all of them. 

So, what makes a good burger? Well ground, juicy patties to boot, add-ons like tomato, lettuce, and cheese, bits of pickles to give that extra zing, a good drizzle of ketchup and mayo, and a soft, grilled bun to hold all these together - it is the best form of sandwich that anyone guarantees to love. 

So from your friends at YAMU, here are five of our favourite burgers in town (in no particular order), which live up to the name of the good burger. 

Street Burger - Thunder - Voltage Burger

Starting off with a flavour bang, which is what this burger is. Keeping all the flavours well-balanced and staying quite literally true to its name, this burger will shake and wake you up with flavour. Melted cheese on top of a hearty piece of char-grilled chicken breast, it has pickled jalapenos and tomatoes that add a bit of tangy kick, while the spicy habaneros hit you like thunder. We recommend taking your sweet time and a cold beverage to cool down your tastebuds - because trust us, you are gonna need that. 

Fazly's Halal Refreshment - Big Roast Beef Burger

Served with fat, juicy and absolutely beautiful looking roast beef slices, this one is fully packed with meaty flavour. While the patties might come across as generic, it won’t stop you from indulging in this. I have personally travelled all the way from home to get this, and never have I ever been disappointed.

Geek HQ - It's Clobberin' Time

This huge burger is apt with its name and “The Thing”. Packing a flavour punch with its four well-ground beef patties, ham and sausages, cheese, and a bullseye, this is one whopping burger. 

The four patties are juicy and succulent in the inside, has a crispy exterior, while the melting cheese elevates its flavours with the runny yolk from the fried egg in the middle makes it more interesting. The Thing would be proud and geek or not, you’d be full.

Colombo Fort Cafe (Dutch Hospital) - The Breakfast Burger

This burger is great fun if nothing else. It’s a gigantic double-decker with a knife stabbed in the middle to hold the elements of the burger intact. With two full-on juicy beef patties to boot, it has lettuce, fresh tomato slices and a fried egg too. 

Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar (ODEL) - Smokey BBQ Bacon Burger

With a juicy, medium-cooked beef patty, a fried egg and cheese, everything is right in this delightful burger. The strips of bacon and plenty of BBQ sauce add to the extra flavour. 

So what’s your favourite burger in town? Do let us know in the comments. If it's something that we haven't tried, we’ll be sure to get a taste of it, because who doesn't like burgers, am I right?

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