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YAMU's Top 5 Cupcakes - 2019

Our top 5 cupcakes, listed.

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Even though cupcakes seem single serving, don’t feel ashamed if you can't stop at one. And here we list (in no particular order) a few cupcakes that have been praised time and time again by the YAMUites. 

Mocha Cupcake - A&M Cupcakes

A&M scored a real winner with this mini-cake. The chocolate velvet cake base blended extremely well with the mocha frosting, making every bite equally good and enjoyable. Since it wasn't too sweet, it brought the bitter mocha flavour to the top and created an excellent flavour play. Definite try if you are a coffee lover.

The Nutella - Sits Cakes & Desserts

Bottom right - The Nutella Cup

The Nutella Cup from Sit’s has a layer of Nutella on top (duh!) and the cake itself is more chocolatey than sweet, balancing out the Nutella. When there’s a Nutella version of something, it is usually overwhelming. But not here, no. This cupcake is made with care alongside the balance of taste in mind. Moreover, the star of the show is the soft cake base that is light, fluffy and essentially melts on your tongue with a rich chocolate flavour.

The Red Velvet - Sits Cakes & Desserts

Frosting maketh or breaketh a cupcake. In this cupcake, the succulent and creamy frosting compliments the fluffy airy base incredibly. The thickness and the cheesy taste paired well with the hint of chocolate in the cake making this cupcake a success story. 

The Ganache Cup - Ambrosia

The Ganache Cup is on the bottom left.

Ambriosa, struts its cake powers that be with this delicious offering. The moist chocolatey base is a pleasure to bite into, while the ganache spread is thick and delightful. It was rather reminiscent of fudgy brownies and quickly became a favourite.

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies - Bakeology

Is it a cake or is it a cookie? Well, it is Red Velvet Sandwich. This quirky take on the red velvet cupcake was so interesting. Essentially it seemed like Bakelogy squished the cake and used a cookie cutter to make the shape. But fret not, it is still made from deliciously colourful cupcake dough. And we couldn’t find fault in the frosting or the filling in this case. Either way, it was really really good. The flavour and consistency was spot on and for the price, the quality display of creativity was phenomenal.

Since we are always on the lookout for what’s better, do share your thoughts down in the comments on which ones you think are better or we should try next.

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