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YAMU's Top 5 Dishes for April - 2019

Best dishes of April 2019.

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Yet another month of 2019 ends here. Throughout this month, we managed to gobble down some good food, from a bunch of newly opened spots. So here are our top picks for the month of April. 

Tuna Salad - Cafē Blanca

Cafē Blanca is a newly opened cosy nook down Malalasekara Mawatha, and they do this bowl of excellent Tuna Salad. Loaded with pieces of well-grilled tuna, creamy avocado, crunchy tomato, lettuce and onions, while the in-house dressing lent a bit of tang, it's definitely one of the best salads we've encountered in a while. 

Chicken Kabsa - Arabian Knights (Thimbirigasyaya)

We were more than happy to find out that Arabian Knights has a new branch down Thimbirigasyaya, and that's where we came across this spiced bed of rice, served with char-grilled chicken, salad and chutney. The chicken is all greased up, has a crispy shell and a tough inside, with a good smoky aroma going on, which we LOVED. 

Fried Fish With Kochchi Sauce - The Catch Colombo

The Catch Colombo does Fried Fish right. Giving the perfect crunch from the outside, while the inside is all softened up, the fishes come with a generous rubbing of their in-house sauces, and our favourite was the Kochchi sauce. Try it out, it's the bomb! You'll cry happy tears. 

Chicken Katsudon - EDO Japanese

This Chicken Katsudon from EDO Japanese was the bliss. Served hot-hot, it was topped off with chicken katsu, egg, veggies and a bed of white sticky rice underneath all that. The chicken had a delicious crisp on the outside, while the inside is juicy - adding so much flavour to the profile. With lightly caramelised onions, crunchy veggies and beautifully runny yolk, everything worked out quite well with the sticky rice. 

Chicken Paitan Spicy Ramen - Hamakaze

As of now, this is one of the very few Ramen dedicated spots in town, and also the tiniest one out of the lot. If you are one of those people who looks for the Lankan flavour palette in everything you eat, Hamakaze's Chicken Paitan Spicy Ramen is what you should go for. 

The broth here sure packs a massive spicy punch, which you can see from the lusciously orange coloured broth. Every element here is seasoned to high heaven with spices, and they encourage you to add more chilli flakes if you want it to be even spicier. 

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