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YAMU's Top 5 Dishes For February - 2019

Here are our 5 favourite dishes for the month of Feb.

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We here at YAMU eat loads of fantastic dishes every week. Nonetheless, after much consideration and legions worth of reasoning, we bring you the five best dishes of the month of Feb. Enjoy! 

1. Chicken and Hummus - Shawarmaz @GP 

Kicking things off with a delightful starter, the Hummus with Chicken. With a perfectly creamy base of chickpea and a thick layer of silky smooth olive oil positively drowning the whole dish, the hummus at Shawarmaz @GP was one of the best dishes we've had this month. This is worth every penny you spend on it. Trust us when we say this - you just might end up ditching a main and indulging solely on this. 

2. Brioche French Toast - Villa Raha

If you've read our review of Villa Raha, this should in no way be a surprise to you. Everything from the use of eggy, buttery, and tender brioche bread to the generous drizzle of Lindt chocolate, it all adds up to a brilliant dish. The dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar was the cherry on top to the best French Toast in Colombo à la Villa Raha. 

3.  Sushi Tei Bento - Akihabara 

Moving on to things that are a bit more Japanese - the Sushi Tei Bento at Akihabara came as a neatly packed box filled with three types of Nigiri, six expertly made sushi rolls, four beautifully crispy pieces of karaage chicken, coleslaw, soy sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger and a delicately flavourful bowl of Miso Soup. Everything was on point, in terms of flavour and texture - and thus makes to the list of five top dishes of the month. 

4. Beef Radang - Wan Ge Di Ya

We can all agree that Wan Ge Di Ya at Odel is one of the prettiest restaurants in all of Colombo. And apart from the gorgeous ambience, Wan Ge Di Ya also holds the title of having some of the best Beef Radang dishes we've had recently. With five beautifully spiced up pieces of tendered up beef, and a rich gravy packed with spices, this was a gastronomical treat. 

5. ChocCaramel Mousse Cake - Oh My Cake!

Here's our favourite slice of cake of the month. At a wonderfully pocket-friendly Rs. 380, the ChocCaramel Mousse Cake was simply a delight. The densely rich sides of brownie combined with the cloud-like lightness of the ChocCaramel Mousse, this was every dessert lovers dream in every single way possible. 

Before we end, we would also like to acknowledge the Beef Ho Fun at Laksa Noodle Bar, Crab Curry at Starbeans Ocean Restaurant and the Chicken Mayo Doughnut from Tribe Cafe as honorary mentions. 

Thus, we end this months edition of YAMU's Favourite Dishes of the Month. We'll be back in March with a new list, so stay tuned!

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