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YAMU's Top 5 Dishes For May - 2019

Our top picks for May - 2019.

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It's the end of another month. During this month of May, we were able to try a whole bunch of new restaurants - a few bars, some excellent Asian food specialities, as well as a couple of home-baked goodies. 
Among all that, here goes our list of favourite dishes in May.
In no particular order; 

Chicken in Lime and Honey - Nom Nom Asia

Nom Nom Asia down Maya Avenue is another venture by Heritage Hotel - Anuradhapura, and a sister restaurant to Thai Heritage Food Truck. Their speciality lies in most things Asian, and they do a really good job at that. Proof; this plate of Chicken in Lime and Honey.

Crispy on the outside, cooked to perfection from the inside and absolutely revelling in lime and honey, it sure packs a flavour punch. It's served on a bed of slightly crunchy bok choy, soaked in the same delicious sauce, which makes it extra flavoursome. 

Chicken Pad Thai - Wayside Thai Cafe

Wayside Thai Cafe is a hidden gem of a restaurant that we were able to discover this month. They serve some of the best Thai foods we've had, for an unbelievably affordable price. Choosing a favourite out of the dishes we tried here is a bit tricky, but we have to agree that this plate of Chicken Pad Thai was the highlight. 

With a gorgeous heap of well-cooked noodles and oodles of spring onion, egg, cabbage and slices of chicken, it's superb. Make good use of lime, peanuts and chilli flakes to give it a twist of your own.  

Hot Butter Cuttlefish - 1979

Sometimes, in life, you encounter some amazing flavours, in the most unexpected places. That's what we feel about 1979's Hot Butter Cuttlefish. Massive rings of cuttlefish encased in a thin batter coating with the perfect crisp, and spiced to high heaven - this one can make you cry. It could be because it's hella spicy, or probably because it causes great happiness to find some good HBC. No one will know, so cry as you like - and that's totally worth it.

Devilled Chicken - The Circle Colombo

The Circle Colombo is a relatively new bar down Marine Drive strip, and that's where we discovered this plate of Devilled Chicken. Beautifully red, and marinated to perfection, the meat was nicely fried, producing a crispy exterior to the bite. With a subtle spiciness running through, we found quite a lot of green chillis and chunks of onions here, which seemed to help to spike up the flavours. 

Indonesian Style Prawns - Urban Elephants

In the beginning, we felt like coming all the way to Moratuwa to try out Urban Elephants is a drag, but after the meal, we felt stupid for not doing it sooner. This is yet another place that does some absolutely delicious Asian fusion for a super affordable price.

Out of the lot we tried, this bowl of Indonesian Style Prawns has to be our favourite. Well-cooked, chewy prawns swimming about in a creamy gravy with notes of chilli flakes popping through, we just LOVED this. Having soused up all the marination of the gravy, the prawns were delicious too. This would have paired really nicely with some warm kadey paan.

That's all for this month! Check back with us next month for the new list of favourites. 

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