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YAMU Delivery

YAMU is working together with Foodie and Quickee to bring you easy online food delivery. Just click on any of the restaurants below to select dishes, enter your address and complete the order. You can pay when you receive your food.

We've been using it at office and it's pretty simple, the food arrives in about an hour.

Available now

Curry Pot

Delivery available till 04:30 pm

A buth kadey down Marine Drive in Colpetty. Quite popular, quite good.

Tsukiji Uoichi

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Over a year since first opening its doors Tsukiji Uoichi is still going strong. They've got one of the most impressive Japanese menus in Colombo and they're execution is excellent. Their prices are on the higher…

Calorie Counter

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Calorie Counter with its emphasis on healthy eating was one of the best new additions to Colombo's restaurant scene in 2015. Now they've gone a step further and introduced a pretty comprehensive…


Delivery available till 11:00 pm

Rocco's has a good dine-in restaurant in Rajagiriya serving wood-fired pizza with a wide range of toppings.


Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Chana's has been gaining popularity for sometime now and it's easy to see why. They do a pretty good take on North Indian cuisine and their biriyani is one of the best in town.

Fat Panda

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

A multi-cuisine casual restaurant off Marine Drive, with a whole range of fusion Asian fare.

Urban Kitchen

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Urban Kitchen is one of the city's newer dining halls. Located right next to Arpico, the lovely, large room serves a variety of cuisines from around the globe.

Nara Thai

Delivery available till 11:00 pm

The food is good, the portions are reasonable for the price, and you don't need to book a plane ticket to savour authentic Thai cuisine.

Arabian Knights

Delivery available till 10:30 pm

After an initial hiccup, Arabian Knights has bounced back well. The food is nearly back to their former glory, and coupled with the new venue, things are looking up again.

The Manhattan Fish Market

Delivery available till 11:00 pm

The Manhattan Fish Market has delicious seafood and ridiculously friendly stuff - it's an awesome place to dine at if you can handle the bill.

Honey Beach Club (The Kingsbury Hotel)

Delivery available till 11:30 pm

A chill pool bar and lounge overlooking the Indian Ocean.


Delivery available till 09:00 pm

Skrumptious has introduced a new flavour to their lineup of brownies. We tried it, and it's pretty darn great.

Paan Paan

Delivery available till 09:00 pm

Paan Paan is an excellent bread shop off Duplication Road. They've got superb takes on European loaves and pastries.

Tea Avenue

Delivery available till 11:30 pm

Tea Avenue is a very cosy stop on Barnes Place to have a good cup of flavoured tea and some bready goods. The prices are good and the ambience is suited for all kinds of meetups.


Delivery available till 11:00 pm

Dinemore's never struck me as an exceptional place. I've always enjoyed the food and found it tasty, but it's not the kind of place I'd actively choose to go to – it was more of an oh it's just round…

Aviraté Café

Delivery available till 08:30 pm

Tiny little cafe with excellent froyo and plenty sandwiches, juices, smoothies, coffee and tea. Roast paan is on point.

Awanhala (Colpetty)

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Awanhala is a restaurant down Galle Road that gets jam-packed during lunch and dinner hours.

Chinese Dragon Cafe

Delivery available till 03:00 pm

One of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Colombo, Chinese Dragon does an okay job.

Royal Burger

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Royal Burger is a very reliable stop on Havelock Road for cheese dripping, affordable burgers and subs. It's a popular lunch option among the RI students in the neighborhood.

Beard Papa's (Urban Kitchen)

Delivery available till 10:30 pm

Beard Papa's is an international franchise which specializes in cream puffs. The first outlet opened in Japan in 1999.

Lil' Orbits (Majestic City)

Delivery available till 09:00 pm

Lil' Orbits is an awesome place to go to for your sugar cravings. The prices are alright and the chocolate sauce is gold.

The Grill by Paan Paan

Delivery available till 10:30 pm

It's all about that char-grilled goodness.

The Sandwich Factory (Colombo 3)

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Sandwich Factory does a filling take on western diner favorites.

Poppy Hana (Urban Kitchen)

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

Mid range conveyor belt sushi at Arpico's Urban Kitchen.

Sandwich Factory - Dehiwala

Delivery available till 10:00 pm

When Sandwich Factory first opened it's doors they were quite a welcomed change to the fast food industry in Sri Lanka with it's 60's American diner theme. They've still got that going for…

Star Dogs

Delivery available till 09:00 pm

Star Dogs is a hotdog stand that's been lurking at MC for a while now. We dropped by to see how they're doing.

BreadTalk (Lipton Circus)

Delivery available till 07:00 pm

BreadTalk. We've been there a few times. And on every visit I'm strangely drawn to the polished, round buns, the cheesy breads, the flaky danishes - and each time, I come away disappointed - like a…

More places


Delivery available at 05:30 pm

Hazari's has managed to maintain their Middle-Eastern standard while moving to their new Marine Drive location.

a & m Cupcakes

Delivery not available now

A&M cupcakes is a charming little cupcake boutique located on the Galle Road, opposite Barefoot. Cupcakes are trendy, tasty little treats - good for eating and even better for instagramming.

Bubble Tea (Urban Kitchen)

Delivery not available now

Sulthan Palace

Delivery not available now

Sulthan Palace (formerly Rahumania) is a great spot at the Town Hall hub to get a delicious, cheap range of biriyanis, meats and even Sri Lankanized Chinese.

Bilal Hotel

Delivery not available now

Bilal Hotel is a little kade on Bamba's Galle Road that serves kottu, fried rice, biriyani and the likes. The prices are low and the kottu is super cheesey.

MacMart Shoppers Store

Delivery not available now

Located few blocks away from the Casino on Marine Drive, MacMart Shoppers Store is a true Ali Baba's cave for the sugar addicts out there.

Cafe Beverly

Delivery not available now

Cafe Beverly is a comfortable, affordable dining space in the premises of the Beverly Street shopping complex in Rajagiriya.


Delivery not available now

A petite little shop that houses mouthwatering little sweet treats down Havelock Road. They specialise in a wide variety of Indian sweetmeats and savouries.

Perera & Sons

Delivery not available now

It must be said that somewhere on the journey from family bakers to mega-chain standards fell. The cream buns nowadays just arent the same


Delivery not available now

Generous portions, fair price and swift delivery make Chinaman good option for office lunch.

Hameed Foods

Delivery not available now

Only a listing

Fenghuang Lou

Delivery not available now

The brand new Chinese place on Jawatta Road.

Candy Jars

Delivery not available now

15 different flavours of candy from the UK. Just grab them at your nearest department store or supermarket.

Hotel De Plaza

Delivery not available now

This is the city’s rising late-night kottu star.

Burger's King

Delivery not available now

Burger's King is one of Colombo's most popular streetside haunts, known for their delicious, mayo dripping, affordable fare.

Cafe Mocha (by Barista)

Delivery not available now

Your regular Barista in a beautiful building.

the KAFÉ (Hotel Nippon)

Delivery not available now

Hotel Nippon reopens and brings back their famed mutton rolls and other delicacies at the KAFÉ

Divine (Colpetty)

Delivery not available now

A Sri Lankan bakery chain.

Saffron Kitchens

Delivery not available now

A small buth kadey down St.Michael's Road in Kollupitiya. Less variety nevertheless the food is of good quality.

Ginza On The Edge (Waters Edge)

Delivery not available now

Ginza On The Edge is the suburban successor to the Hilton’s Ginza Hohsen. It's on the 1st floor of Waters Edge and offers high-end Japanese with excellent service to boot.

Tropical Fresh

Delivery not available now

Fresh fruit juices but bad service and ambience.

Raheema Hotel

Delivery not available now

If you're in Colombo 7 and you're craving a good biriyani, Raheema is one of the first places that will come to mind. That's exactly the situation we found ourselves in, and we're glad we dropped in.


Delivery not available now

A great spot for authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Golden Palace (Hotel Sapphire)

Delivery not available now

Golden Palace is hotel Sapphire's in-house Chinese Restaurant.

Cafe Kumbuk

Delivery not available now

Simple and healthy, Kumbuk does everything right with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

Kumbuk Kitchen

Delivery not available now

Cafe Kumbuk has taken over the cafe at the Good Market shop on the Lakpahana premises.

Cafe Michaelangelo

Delivery not available now

Thin crust, wood-fired pizza, with toppings like Pol Sambol. Michaelangelo is good for delivery, if you're really patient.


Delivery not available now

Giovanni's is a little Italian pizza place run by a chef who uses his own recipes, and serves fresh from a clay oven.

The Mango Tree

Delivery available at 07:00 pm

Mango Tree is a hugely popular Indian restaurant on Dharmapala Mawatha, serving mainly North Indian cuisine. The food is very rich, and quite good.

Cioconat Lounge

Delivery available at 06:00 pm

Cioconat offers some tasty, generous fare, but even so it still isn’t exactly where it could be.

Kaema Sutra

Delivery available at 06:00 pm

The new Kaema Sutra, moved from its previous premises in Arcade Independence to the plush Shangri La, still serves decent-ish food at high prices


Delivery not available now

Streat360 is an interesting little restaurant featuring 'street food' from different countries. The interior is quite chic and rustic, but it's kinda overpriced.

Jack Tree

Delivery not available now

Jack Tree's food is pretty tasty, if you eat here you're probably going to eat till it hurts a little to walk. It is however, pricey. Is it authentic Thai? We didn't think so, you get food here that…

Eastern Wok

Delivery available at 06:00 pm

Eastern Wok is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Chinese, Indian and Arabian food.

Mitsi's Delicacies

Delivery not available now

Mitsi's Cafe was one of those hidden gems we uncovered in 2013. One year down the line, the food is still good, the service is friendly and the desserts are exceptional.

Santoré Bistro Italiano

Delivery available at 05:30 pm

With high quality ingredients, Santoré serves authentic Italian cuisine at a great location.

The Sizzle

Delivery not available now

Sizzle is an experience restaurant with a great selection of meats and even decent vegetarian. Everything is served sizzling, even the drinks.

The Station

Delivery available at 05:00 pm

When it comes to value for money, The Station is pretty difficult to beat. They tick all the right boxes with their ambience, service and food.

Kami Maki

Delivery not available now

Kami Maki is a Japanese fusion restaurant in Bamabalapitiya. While it's not the most authentic Japanese in town, they do offer some interesting fusion dishes.


Delivery available at 04:45 pm

Domenico's, headed by the former chef at Santoré was great addition to Colombo's pizza scene in 2014. Now they've expanded their menu with some much needed meats and it's that much better.

The Cakery

Delivery not available now

The Cakery used to be a resident favourite amongst the plebs at office, but they've long since dwindled in terms of service and food.

Pho Vietnam

Delivery not available now

Pho serves up simple and healthy Vietnamese food. It's not as flavorful as we'd like, but they're very new and we think they'll improve.


Delivery not available now

Isso deals with isso. Curried isso, tossed isso, isso with roast paan, and isso with bathala chips. Yes.


Delivery available at 06:00 pm

A little spot that serves not-so-little wood fired pizza.