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Amor Eterno - Valentine's Day Dinner

An intimate Mexican valentine candlelit dinner with a view and an unforgettable memory with your loved one.

  • Trillium Hotel Colombo Rooftop, Torrington Avenue Colombo 07

Experience the intimacy of a Mexican valentine as we offer you the warmth of a candlelit dinner, whilst you take in the distinctive cuisine and sip on the precisely chosen wine blended with the sensual charm of Latin soul music.

Four separate menus include specifically curated dishes to include a six-course tapas-style tasting dinner and a pairing of wine served per person.

The highlight of celebrating your romance? 

You can thank Cupid, your charms and Trillium Hotel later - firstly, surprise him or her by calling 0117 999 123 for a revolutionary valentine's experience!

                                   "Amor Eterno señorita o señor"

Amor Eterno - Valentine's Day Dinner

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