Big Bad Wolf 2019

Big Bad Wolf is back y'all! 

  • SLECC, Colombo.

Big Bad Wolf is back y'all! 

Calling all book lovers, the wait is almost over!

Hey there Wolfies! BBW is returning to Colombo for the third time, but not empty-handed! It's known for  bringing with me a massive collection of books for you to get your paws on and this time is no different from the rest.

Everything from Fiction to Non-fiction, Sci-Fi to Romance, History to Comics, Thriller to Self Help and so much more!!

So, CLAW in the dates below into your calendar and prepare for a HOWLING experience at The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale this OCTOBER!

? 50%-90% DISCOUNT

? 18th October - 28th October 2019

? 10 am - 10 pm: Monday - Thursday

? 24 Hours: Friday - Sunday

? SLECC, Colombo

Big Bad Wolf 2019

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