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Chords For A Cause: The Festival

Chords For A Cause is a festival featuring 8 bands using their raw talent to raise funds for the victims of the SL floods.

  • Women's International Hall, Guildford Crescent, Colombo

Event Starts

12 June, 2016 at 12.00PM

Event Ends

12 June, 2016 at 9.00PM

Entrance Fees

Rs. 500

The second Sunday of June will feature a host of talented Sri Lankan musicians coming together to raise funds for victims of the recent floods.

The storm Roanu that swept over the island the past month has left countless people struggling to get back on their feet, with so little help from the government. A UN report from May 26th counted that about 300,000 people were affected: more than 100 have died, more than 21,000 have been displaced and about 4500 homes have been damaged. Here's a video telling you all about it, and a post that lists out all the ways you can help.  

Attending Chords For A Cause is one way to make a meaningful contribution - the proceeds and donations from the festival will go to the Land Recovery Operation of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society.

Also, it doesn't hurt that you'll be sampling some stellar food for the ears, courtesy of an impressive line-up: Paranoid Earthling, The Soul, The Slipping Chairs, R.A.G.E., The RebEls, maJesty, Rebel Exodus and Skitzo

Follow the Facebook page for updates. This big, loving event at the Women's International Hall promises to make your Sunday a most productive one, not only celebrating the talent born from the local music community, but its ability to band together to support fellow Lankans in need. 

Chords For A Cause: The Festival

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